Monopoly Go: All Peg-E Rewards And Milestones

Here’s everything you need to know about Peg-E Minigame in Monopoly Go, including its rewards and milestones.

Monopoly Go: All Peg-E Rewards And Milestones

Monopoly Go is a mobile-based board game that enables you to own properties and build cities. These assets can be used to collect rent from your friends. The developers try to keep players glued to their screens with the inclusion of a lot of in-game events and tournaments. Alongside these, they also introduce a minigame or a partner event occasionally.

Everyone's favorite, Peg-E minigame, has made a comeback in Monopoly Go, bringing with it a host of thrilling new rewards. What's particularly exciting is the inclusion of a Wild Sticker among the rewards. As the sticker album is set to conclude within a month, this provides a huge opportunity for you to get your hands on missing stickers and complete your sticker sets.

Updated April 22, 2024: The Peg-E Prize Drop was reintroduced on April 21, 2024, and will be active for four Days. It also features different rewards for each milestone.

How To Play The Peg-E Prize Drop Minigame

Monopoly Go: All Peg-E Rewards And Milestones

While the rewards may have changed, the gameplay mechanics of Prize Drop remain consistent. Peg-E Tokens continue to be the currency used to participate in Prize Drop events.

To participate in the minigame, click on the Peg-E icon on the right of the main menu. This will lead you to the Prize Drop minigame. Additionally, you have the option to play the minigame with a multiplier, similar to the Dice multiplier feature.

Now select one of the five red arrows to guide where you want to drop your token. Once you have dropped the token, it might hit the bumper before falling into the slots below. Accumulating hits on the bumper increases your chances of receiving the reward displayed on it.

Additionally, keep an eye on the milestone progress below, as completing the bar will earn you rewards .

All Chips Drop Rewards And Milestones For Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go: All Peg-E Rewards And Milestones

Here is a look at all the rewards and milestones of this minigame.




100 Dice Rolls


Sticker Pack (Orange)


200 Dice Rolls


Sticker Pack (Pink)


500 Dice Rolls


Sticker Pack (Blue)


1,300 Dice Rolls


Wild Sticker


1,400 Dice Rolls


1,800 Dice Rolls


2,500 Dice Rolls + Sticker Pack (Purple)

If you want to know about sticker packs in Monopoly Go, we've got a complete guide to sticker albums right here that covers everything you need to know about stickers.

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