Murky Divers: All Items, Ranked

Murky Divers allows you to venture deep into the sea and collect the corpses of failed experiments in abandoned underwater labs. During your explorations, you have to stay out of sight of the police and survive horrifying creatures that can prove to be very deadly.

As you dive underwater with your fellows, you need as much help as possible to survive and collect the evidence. Fortunately, there are a few items available in Murky Divers that can help you out in your mission. You can buy them by accessing the vending shop stationed right beside the bathtub on your submarine.

7 Station Upgrade CD

Upgrade Your Ride

Murky Divers: All Items, Ranked

In case you are new to Murky Divers, you probably haven't noticed the Station Upgrade CD as it is not on the primary display of the vending machine. You have to enter the vending machine number 11 or scroll down to get the Station Upgrade CD option. It is a useful item as it can upgrade your station and submarine entirely.

Not only you can upgrade the steering and radar, but you can also increase the diving depth of your ship considerably. However, you won't need it until you have progressed well enough in the game. The Station Upgrade CD is priced at $200 in the vending machine.

6 Bribe Police

A Little Money Solves Everything

Murky Divers: All Items, Ranked

The Bribe Police item is one of the most useful ones in Murky Divers as it can reduce your wanted status by one star during your exploration. Even if you are the best submarine driver, there are some chances of getting caught or detected by police. You start with six stars and if you keep on increasing them through police encounters, then it is game over for you and your friends.

Methods like cleaning evidence after your dives and avoiding police ships work great, but if things get dirty, then consider getting the bribe police item from the vending machine. It is however, pretty expensive and can be bought for $300. To get the Bribe Police, enter 48 on the keypad of the vending machine.

5 Glow Sticks

Light The Way

Murky Divers: All Items, Ranked

Undoubtedly the most crucial item you need is Glow Sticks to help you light up areas inside abandoned buildings. While you can easily search areas on the surface, you need a light source if you want to dive deep. Glow Sticks can greatly help you recognize corpses and body parts. Furthermore, you can also use the glow sticks in Murky Divers to spot dangers ahead so you don't get mauled by the deadly creatures underwater.

Another great use of glow sticks is to spot your teammates in case you are diving into darker zones. The Sticks are available for $80 in the vending machine and are definitely a good investment early on. However, it is highly recommended that you get glow sticks when you have teammates to carry other items since you need additional crucial items like the Taser Stick or Shopping Cart in your inventory as well.

4 Laser Cutter

Metal Stands No Chance Against Us

Murky Divers: All Items, Ranked

Another great item for your dives is a laser cutter, which can help you cut through metal walls and doors. You can buy the item if you want to go all out during exploration as it can help you discover new locations. Areas where you can use the laser cutter are marked red. The item is also very useful for escaping monsters in case you have trouble finding your way back.

Sometimes, during exploration, crucial areas can require a laser cutter for a thorough cleaning, so at least one of your teammates should have the item just to be on the safer side.

It is not recommended to invest in a laser cutter during your first few dives as you only get $150 to begin with, and you might not need the item until later on. However, you might find some hidden experiments behind d metal doors, so if you have the money, do consider investing in the laser cutter. It can be obtained from the vending machine for $150.

3 Oxygen Recharge

Becoming Invincible

Murky Divers: All Items, Ranked

If you enjoy exploring the scary underwater labs for longer periods of time, then this item is definitely worth getting. The oxygen recharge tank in Murky Divers saves you from a lot of hassle as the item helps you refill your oxygen tank without the need to go back to your submarine during dives.

During your early expeditions, it is a great way of exploring maps, and you won't have to worry about oxygen running out during your ventures. Fortunately, the oxygen recharge items are available only for $80 in the vending machine, so you can easily buy it in the game. This can be a great option for solo dives as you need more time to find the corpses and experiments underwater.

2 Cart

Handling Corpses Is Not Easy

Murky Divers: All Items, Ranked

A Shopping Cart allows you to hold multiple items that can also save trips back to your submarine. Using the cart, you can store more bodies and parts. Furthermore, it allows you to carry eight extra items, which is great for solo players in Murky Divers. With limited inventory space, shopping carts can be a game changer during your dives.

We recommend getting the cart after some dives as getting it early on is useless. The item can be obtained through the vending machine by typing 64 on the keypad. However, it is pretty expensive and is priced at $200.

1 Taser Stick

Stun Them All

Murky Divers: All Items, Ranked

While the whole point of Murky Divers is exploring the terrifying and decaying buildings under the sea, sometimes you have to bring in weapons to protect yourself against monstrous entities. Unfortunately, the police tailing your submarine as you get rid of the evidence is not the biggest threat, as during your dives you can come across several creatures, including Lobstrosity and Pocket Goblin that can kill you easily.

Therefore, it is important to arm yourself with the Taser Stick that can help you get away from monsters by stunning them for a brief period of time. However, funnily enough, the Taser Stick can also be used on players if you want to tease them a bit. This is why it is definitely an item worth grinding for as it can make your gameplay ten times better. Unfortunately, you have to save up quite a lot of money as it is priced at $300.

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