Palworld: How To Heal

Palworld is a brutal place, and you’ll need some healing before long.

Palworld: How To Heal

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Palworld: How To Heal

Palworld has no shortage of mechanics to learn, but sometimes, even the most basic things can take a while to figure out. If you're out wandering the wilds, the odds are you'll encounter trouble sooner than later, and if you're unprepared, you'll walk away with a heap of bruises and some bad memories.

Healing yourself and your pals is something that you'll need to know when you start taking on bosses, raids, and more dangerous pals. Luckily, there are a few ways to get you and your team back up and running after a brush with death.

Updated on April 17, 2024, by Eva Csaki: The challenges and boss battles in Palworld are ever-changing, and with new Pals, bosses, raids, and combat mechanics being added in each new patch of the game, there's no shortage of combat encounters to play with. Palworld gets more and more dangerous by the day, and healing becomes more and more important. To help keep up with the new dangers of the Palpagos islands, we've added even more ways to make and acquire medicine in Palworld to this guide.


Palworld: How To Heal

It's important to recognize that healing your Pal is not the same as healing yourself. The methods for healing a Pal versus yourself differ greatly, as some methods are solely Pal-specific.

Luckily, both you and your Pal will regain health automatically as you wander. If you are injured and have run or hidden from a fight, your HP bar will slowly start to refill as you spend time out of danger. HP will replenish while you walk, hide, or run away from a fight and are not actively taking damage.

If you are attacked, shot at, or suffering from a status effect like being poisoned or on fire, you will not regain HP from waiting. Similarly, if you are drowning and stuck in the water, your health bar will not refill until you make it safely to land. Remember, Pals can drown, too.

Try not to die out of bounds of where you can return easily. If you plan to take a long swim and end up dying in the water, make sure you can still retrieve your dropped bag, otherwise, it's gone forever .

Both Pals and people can suffer from starvation. If you're running on an empty fuel bar, your health will start declining rapidly, and the same applies to starving Pals.

To save yourself from starvation, eat whatever food is available to you. Just getting a little bit of food in your or your Pal's belly is enough to kick-start the healing process.

How To Heal Your Pals

Healing Pals is, thankfully, much easier than healing yourself. There are several ways you can get your Pals back into top shape, no matter where you are. You can either use Medical Supplies, send your Pal to the Palbox, or simply wait to heal your Pal.

There are three kinds of Medical Supplies that you can craft, find, or buy in Palworld. All three types of supplies will heal your Pals, with varying efficiency.

While Medical Supplies don't replenish your Pals' HP , they do heal any ailments , illnesses, or injuries that your Pals are suffering from.

The three kinds of Medical Supplies are Low-Grade Medical Supplies, Medical Supplies, and High-Grade Medical Supplies. You can buy Medical Supplies from merchants, find them in chests, get them from Pals, or craft them at the Medieval Medicine Workbench.

Once you reach level 43, you can also build the Electric Medicine Work Bench with 40 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards, and 20 Carbon Fibers. You can unlock this crafting recipe with three Technology Points.

If you have a Pal deployed at your base with the Medicine Production ability, they will automatically tend to your Medicine Workbenches and craft any Medical Supplies you queue for them.

The following Pals can use the Medicine Work Bench to craft Medical Supplies for you:

Medicine Production Pals



Bellanoir Libero



Dark Mutant








Lyleen Noct


Quivern Botan


Robinquill Terra



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Chests will respawn in the same location you first found them, so it's worth it to double back and loot them again in hopes of getting better loot items and more Medical Supplies.

To use Medical Supplies, select the one you need from your player inventory. Selecting it will bring up your Pal Party menu. Greyed-out Pals either do not need medical attention or require a different kind of Medical Supply. Pals who are lit up can be selected and, therefore, treated.

You can tell when your Pal is sick or suffering in a few ways. Usually, you'll get a notification on the left-hand side of your screen telling you that your Pal is suffering from a condition, and it will sometimes even tell you how they came down with that condition.

You can also head into your Palbox or Party tab and select your Pal from the respective menus. If your Pal is suffering from a condition, it will show up in the right-hand status bar on the Pal's menu screen.

The grade of the Medical Supply determines which illnesses they can heal. Here is the rundown of treatments and how to craft each supply type:

Grade Of Supply

Ailment Treated

Crafting Requirements

Low-Grade Medical Supplies

Colds and Sprains

5 Berries and 2 Horns

Medical Supplies

Ulcers and Fractures

3 Ingots, 3 Horns, and 1 Bone

High-Grade Medical Supplies

Weakened and Depressed

5 Ingots, 5 Horns, and 2 Bones

If you're thinking of panic-feeding your Pals all your food mid-fight, don't. Eating will not replenish your HP. You'll end up wasting valuable time and resources.

If you want your injured Pal to regain HP quickly, the best thing you can do is send them to the Palbox.

Pals in the Palbox will heal and be revived. If you have an unconscious Pal, you must put them in the Palbox to revive them otherwise they will remain knocked out.

Some Pals will even drop Low-Grade Medical Supplies when killed. Where they found or made these supplies, we don't know. All we do know is that farming Medical Supplies in the wild is a real help when your team is injured.

Here's the list of Pals we know to drop Low-Grade Medical Supplies:

  • Flopie
  • Lifmunk
  • Lyleen
  • Vaelet

How To Heal Yourself

Palworld: How To Heal

Healing yourself is a little more complicated than healing your Pals. For starters, you can't use Medical Supplies like Pal's can. Medical Supplies are restricted to Pal use only.

If you can successfully escape a fight and reach your base, the quickest way to regain health is to sleep in your bed. Napping during the day or sleeping through the night will replenish your health bar and get you back into shape for your next fight.

Consider the bed the player equivalent of the Palbox.

You can get into bed at any time of day, but sleeping in your bed during nighttime will allow you to skip directly to the daytime. Keep this in mind if you're ever anxious to get day-specific Pals without waiting for the time to change.

You need to stay in bed for the duration of time that it takes to fill your health bar. Simply sitting in bed will not immediately replenish your health.

If you're out in the wilderness, and you don't have a reliable way to return to your base or a bed, the fastest way to heal is to have a Pal in your Party who can heal you. Some Pals have Partner Skills that allow them to heal you when activated.

Pals With Healing Partner Skills

Palworld: How To Heal

Here are Pals with known healing Partner Skills:


Partner Skill

Skill Description


Soothing Shower

'When activated, spouts mysterious water that soothes wounds and restores the player's HP.'


Life Steal

'While fighting together, grants the player and Felbat the life steal effect which absorbs some of the received damage and restores HP.'


Blessing of the Flower Spirit

'When activated, uses medicinal flowers to restore the player's HP.'


Harvest Goddess

'When activated, the queen's soothing graces greatly restore the player's HP.'

Lyleen Noct

Goddess of the Tranquil Light

'When activated, the queen's soothing graces greatly restore the player's HP.'


Heart Drain

'While fighting together, grants the player and Lovander the life steal effect which absorbs some of the received damage and restores HP.'

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The earliest healer Pal you can acquire is Teafant , so if you see one when you're exploring at the beginning of the game, it's worth it to capture it. Teafant's Soothing Shower ability will spray you with water and quickly replenish your health bar.

Remember that your healer Pal needs to be in your Party and out of their Pal Sphere for you to have access to their Partner Skill. Some Pal injuries may also lock you out of access to their Partner Skills, so remember to keep your Pal's just as safe and happy as you keep yourself.

Other Medicines

Palworld: How To Heal

When you're crafting at the Medieval Medicine Workbench, you may notice that there are two non-Medical Supply items for you to craft, Strange Juice and Suspicious Juice.

You can use both Strange and Suspicious Juices to improve your Pal's work abilities. Both of these items increase your Pal's work speed and mood, but they come at a price.

Giving your Pal either one of these juices will decrease your Pal's Sanity score. Pals with low Sanity become unhappy, Depressed, and refuse to work.

Only use these juices if your need for immediate productivity outweighs your need for sane Pals .

Your Pals will regain Sanity from hanging out in the Hot Spring, but to treat the Depressed condition, you need to give your Pal High-Grade Medical Supplies.

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