Palworld: Where To Find The Black Marketeer

Make some shady trades with Palworld’s Black Marketeer.

Palworld: Where To Find The Black Marketeer

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There are a few Merchant categories in Palworld, but not all of them practice legal trades. If you've ever tried to catch a human and sell them to a Pal trader, you probably found out the hard way that enslaving people in Pal Spheres is highly illegal. Trying to sell captured humans to Pal traders could get you arrested, or worse.

But if you're still determined to trade in captured humans, there is one thing you can do. The Black Marketeer is a special merchant type who specializes in the buying and selling of unethically obtained humans and Pals.

Updated on April 18, 2024, by Eva Csaki: With Palworld being patched regularly, there is always something new to find or explore in the game. Each patch brings with it valuable bug fixes and performance boosts, but also new Pals, Bosses, Raids, and so much more. To ensure you're kept up to date on all the game's newest additions, we've revisited this guide to add even more locations where you can find the Black Marketeer.

What Is The Black Marketeer?

Palworld: Where To Find The Black Marketeer

The Black Marketeer is exactly what it sounds like. He's a merchant specializing in black market trades and the buying and selling of high-value Pals (and people).

Despite being completely amoral, selling humans you have captured in Pal Spheres is also highly lucrative. Humans sell for around 150-500 Gold coins, and occasionally more, on the black market, but you won't be able to sell your captured humans to just anyone.

The Black Marketeer is currently the only merchant type willing to trade in humans, so if you want to get rid of all those Syndicate Thugs you've been imprisoning in your Palbox, you'll have to find the Black Marketeer.

As you'd expect, the Black Marketeer isn't just going to stand around in broad daylight. He is a criminal, after all. If you want to track him down, you are going to have to abandon the beaten path and leave your morals at the door.

You can capture the Black Marketeer like you would any other human NPC in the game. If you can whittle his health down enough, and throw a high-quality Pal Sphere , you may get lucky and capture him. It won't be easy, though!

Where To Find The Black Marketeer?

Palworld: Where To Find The Black Marketeer

There are a few known places you can find the Black Marketeer.

Currently, the easiest Black Marketeer you can find resides in the Abandoned Mineshaft by the Desolate Church and Small Settlement, but there should be at least one Black Marketeer in each of the major map sections.

As Palworld is still in early access, the Black Marketeers could be moved around, or more of them could be added in future updates. We will update you any time a new Black Marketeer is found, or if their locations change.

To find the Abandoned Mineshaft, travel to the Desolate Church Teleportation Statue and head westward. If you have a glider, you can jump straight into the ravine by the Desolate Church and float safely down. If not, you'll have to take the long way around.

Follow the ravine until you see a small cave entrance surrounded by barrels and a small wooden fence. You need a torch or Fire Element Pal to light up the way through the passage, but at the end of this tunnel, you will see the Black Marketeer.

You can also find a second Black Marketeer on the cliff overlooking the Azurobe Boss. He is standing at the edge of the peninsula that borders the north-eastern side of the lake. You can reach him easily with a Flying Mount.

The following list contains all known Black Marketeer locations so far, but the previously mentioned Black Marketeers are two of the simplest to find. All Black Marketeers function the same way, but their inventories will vary.

Black Marketeer Locations


The Abandoned Mineshaft

37, -417

The Cove Mineshaft

-291, -185

North-east of Azurobe

-94, -395

At the tip of the peninsula, on the hill

13, -549

On a hill overlooking the ocean


Underneath an overhang by the waterfall

-19, -93

By the ruined fortress

-607, -231

In Duneshelter

352, 368

On a hill overlooking the ruined fortress

-37, 216

On the south-western beach of Obsidian Mountain

-793, -620

On a cliff

467, -124

By the waterfall

209, -9

On a cliff in the desert

144, 174

Desert mineshaft

496, 347

On a cliff on Astral Mountain

-37, 218

Near the ruined fortress

-650, -351

Underneath the bridge

-278, -167

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What Can You Buy From The Black Marketeer?

Palworld: Where To Find The Black Marketeer

Like Pal Merchants, the Black Marketeer's inventory changes whenever you speak with him, but usually, you can get expensive, high-level Pals. His trades are pricey but totally worth it.

He will also buy Pals from you at a premium, so if you're willing to look the other way and sell your Pals to a shady businessman, you will get some extra cash for your effort. Apparently, being a criminal pays pretty well after all.

As previously stated, the Black Marketeer is also the only merchant who will buy captured humans from you, so if you're into enslaving people in Pal Spheres, the Black Marketeer is your guy.

However, the Black Marketeer will not sell you captured humans. If you want to capture a person in a Pal Sphere, you will have to do it yourself. No merchant will sell you a human, but the Black Marketeer is the only one who will buy a human from you.

Capturing humans in Pal Spheres is tricky, but there are ways to increase your catch rate to help you capture an army,

The Black Marketeer is usually at least level 40 , and he sometimes has a high-level Pal guarding him and his wares. Don't pick a fight with the Black Marketeer unless you know with absolute certainty that you will win. He will one-shot a low-level player.

This is the currently known list of Contraband Pals that you can buy from the Black Marketeer:




















Incineram Noct


Jolthog Cryst









Mau Cryst


















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Contraband Pals will always be expensive . You need to bring several thousand Gold Coins with you if you want to buy a good quality Pal. To make sure you're making money efficiently, use Mau to make a Gold Farm .

If the Black Marketeer doesn't have the Pals you're looking for, you can always quit the game and return to the title screen. Once you load back into the game, return to the Black Marketeer and his inventory should refresh to include different Pals.

With enough patience and determination, you can continue to refresh the Black Marketeer's inventory until you get the Pal you want.

A good time to visit the Black Marketeer is before you start a Tower, Dungeon, or Boss Battle . The Black Marketeer has a chance of selling high-value pals with good move sets . It's worth giving his stock a look before you head off into battle.

Killing the Black Marketeer will give you a heavy pile of Gold Coins and Gold Keys. Although, we don't recommend taking on the Black Marketeer.

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