Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

Pax Dei doesn't completely leave you astray when you first join the sandbox world. Picking up rocks and crafting your first few items should be a piece of cake. What comes next may require more attention. There are many different areas of the game to learn, from multiplayer, to different types of crafting, and survival.

These are all the basic beginner tips players need to understand in order to be successful in their journey. Once the ball gets rolling and you get the gist of how everything works, you'll be able to work towards better things like armor and a large, fortified base.

Pax Dei is under Early Access. Information in this article is subject to change.

How To Set Up A Base

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

The first thing the game will ask of you is to create a hammer so that you may place a plot down. Plots are places only you can build in. You are allowed two plots at first. You can press B to claim a plot of land.

A Construction Hammer can be crafted by hand by pressing TAB and selecting Craft. The hammer requires one Gneiss and two Sapwood. With the hammer in hand, you can right-click to open up the construction menu. This is where you can begin building your base.

How To Create A Party

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

Creating a party is as easy as walking up to someone and selecting Invite To Party. When you walk up to people, there is a small drop-down menu under their name. Hover over the person's body to look at this menu.

Use the mouse scroll to select between each option. The second option is to Invite To Party. To accept a party invite, you have to open your Notifications window. You can do so by pressing N.

Your party will never break unless you remove yourself from it. If you log out, you will still be in the party, you will just be inactive.

How To Emote

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

You may have had another player wave at you or lay down. There are a small amount of emotes currently in the game that allow you to have a little more fun when socializing. To open the emote menu, you have to hold down B on the keyboard.

Holding down B will open up a scroll wheel of accessible emotes.

How Does Crafting Work?

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

You can craft by hand, but the items you can craft by doing so are limited. By hand, your crafting is limited. You can craft small things such as arrows, a spear, and an axe. What you want to make first is a Basic Carpenters Workbench. This will craft basic things such as decorative pieces and chests.

Craft a Basic Carpenters Workbench by opening the build menu with your Construction Hammer and selecting "Crafting".

You will also want a Wood Chopping Block, which is found in the same menu. The Wood Chopping Block lets you build complex wood pieces required to craft all manner of things in the game.

Press TAB and select Skills to view your current skill levels.

How To Upgrade Your Skills

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

As you scroll through recipes, you will notice some are labeled Easy, Trivial, and Moderate. If you try to craft more challenging recipes and the process fails, you lose some of your materials and have to try again. It's better to only craft easier recipes at the start, which in turn levels up your crafting for that category.

For example, when you use the Wood Chopping Block, you are upgrading your Carpentry skill. The more challenging the recipe is, the more experience you get when you craft it.

If you want to unlock new recipes, you will have to work on leveling up your skill for that category.

Can People Use Your Things?

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

Any player can walk into your plot of land and use any of your crafting machines. Players can also enter your house and explore it. Other players cannot access your chests. When you place a chest down, it is automatically set to Private.

Chests can be set to Private, Public, or Clan. These permissions can be adjusted by going into each chest and using the drop-down menu above the chest inventory.

How To Heal

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

You can heal yourself by consuming food. Eating food not only heals you but temporarily increases your max health and max stamina. Different foods increase these stats at different amounts.

The easiest thing to acquire at the beginning of the game are berries .

For something better than berries, you will have to enter the woods and kill some animals. There are badgers, wolves, foxes, and deer that drop meat. With a Campfire, you can cook Grilled Meat Chunks, which heals and increases stats more than raw berries.

How Does Combat Work?

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

Whether you have a shield or not, you can block by using right-click. Different items grant spells and special attacks. With a shield equipped, you can Shield Bash using CTRL + Mouse 1. Shield Bashing does increased damage and will allow you to defeat smaller enemies easily.

With a spear, you unlock the special attack Jab. This allows you to do a jumping attack and once again inflicts increased damage. There is no dodging and rolling, so you will have to rely on mobility and blocking during combat. Additionally, there are no special moves such as parrying, only blocking, spells or heavy attacks, and regular attacks.

How To Navigate The Map

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

Once you open the map you will find a lot of different icons and no way of knowing what they are for. For starters, the tall rectangular icons are Petra Dei. These are where new players spawn from. You can walk up to a new Petra Dei and set it as your home spawn.

A very important icon on the map is the excavation areas. These areas indicate ore. You may find Impure Iron Deposits and more in these locations. If you do not, that is because someone mined them all already and they have to respawn again.

On your map, you will also see what looks like ruins or tall beams. These ruins are locations for dungeons and a challenge. Zebian soldiers are found in ruins, undead enemies equipped with spells, weapons, and more. You will want to be very prepared and leveled up before venturing into the ruins.

Map Icons


Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

Player home spawn points known as Petra Dei. (Can be reset at different Petra Dei)

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

Ruins with enemies and loot.

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

Excavation sites with potential ore deposits.

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

Respawn points.

You can set waypoints on the map by opening the map and pressing CTRL + Mouse Button. When not in the map, you can press 'G' to let wind show you where you need to go to get to your waypoint.

What Happens When You Die?

Pax Dei: Beginner Guide

When you die in Pax Dei, you drop everything in your inventory and everything your character is wearing. You will have to walk all the way back to the spot where you died in order to retrieve everything.

The developers didn't leave us high and dry, though. You can summon your corpse r to you. Corpse summoning still requires you to be to the area of death, so you have to make the trek regardless. If there happens to be a lot of enemies near your corpse, you can stay far enough away from them where they won't aggro, and then summon your corpse r.

  • To summon your corpse, hold down 'T' to open up the teleportation menu. With this menu, you can summon corpses r or teleport back to your Petra Dei.

Party members can also summon your body r for you. All you have to do is utilize the same scroll wheel, but instead of selecting Summon Corpse, you select Summon Corpse (Party).

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