Pax Dei: Complete Building Guide

Whether you start a sandbox survival game for the combat or for the community, no one can resist base building. Pax Dei has some great base building that allows you to create some rustic, cozy houses.

Building can get a bit confusing in Pax Dei due to all the different crafting tables needed for different things. This guide will walk players through the necessities required to create and build upon your base.

Pax Dei is currently in Early Access. Information in this article is subject to change.

How To Start Building

Pax Dei: Complete Building Guide

The first couple of things you need in order to start building a base are a Construction Hammer, a Basic Carpenters Workbench, and a Wood Chopping Block after you have claimed a plot of land. To do that, you will need a Construction Hammer, which costs one Gneiss and two Sapwood to craft; with this hammer, you can build most things needed for a house, such as beams and roofing.

Gneiss are rocks that can be collected around the map; there are also Gneiss deposits, which are large smooth rocks that can be mined with a Stone Pickaxe, and Sapwood can be chopped down with a Gneiss Stone Axe, which can be crafted by hand. While the Construction Hammer allows you to build your house from scratch, the Basic Carpenters Workbench allows you to craft decor and furniture, and the Wood Chopping Block allows you to craft complex wood objects needed for further crafting.

Press TAB and select Craft to craft by hand.

How To Build A House

Pax Dei: Complete Building Guide

The top materials you need to build a house are Clay, Gneiss, Reeds, and Sapwood; Clay is a hard material to find because it is not easy to spot (it looks like a red clump), and in locations you wouldn't normally go to, like the side of mountains, rocks, and patches of grass. Reeds, on the other hand, will look like long grass and can be found just about anywhere, near water or in piles on regular grassland.

You'll want to start with a foundation that costs 20 Gneiss and eight Clay. Then you can place flooring on top, which costs eight Wooden Beam and eight Planks.


You can demolish things you have placed down by equipping your hammer and pressing the middle mouse button. Some objects will return back to you, while others will make you lose the materials.

All crafting benches, except the Founder's Pack bench, should return to you if you demolish them. This means you can place the object back down without losing the materials needed to craft it.

How To Place A Chest

Pax Dei: Complete Building Guide

The Basic Carpenters Workbench allows you to craft decorations for your base, as the Construction Hammer is used for foundations and basic building, and the workbench is for extra pizzazz. Once you have crafted a decorative piece from the bench like a chest or flower pot, it goes right into your player inventory.

To actually place down decor, such as a chest, you have to use your hammer, but it cannot be placed from your inventory. Open the build menu and go to the Props tab, where you can select the decorative piece you have in your inventory, and place it.

How To Get Better Walls And Furniture

Pax Dei: Complete Building Guide

At the beginning of the game, you will only have access to Hut walls and house pieces; these walls require Sapwood, Reeds, and Wooden Pegs, and as you progress, you can unlock Cottage Walls that require lots of clay, Wooden Beams, and Wooden Pegs. To unlock better walls, you must upgrade your Carpentry skill level, and you must reach level five to unlock Cottage Walls and Straw Roofing.

If you want to get better recipes for objects in the game, you must level up the associated skill level.

Upgrade your skill level by crafting or performing that skill; for instance, the Carpentry skill gets leveled up every time you craft with the Wood Chopping Block. Recipes are listed as Easy, Moderate, Trivial, or Hard, so the harder the recipe is, the more experience you get when you craft it.

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