Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Complete Guide To The Stellar Tera Type

Learn everything about the mysterious Stellar Tera-type in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Complete Guide To The Stellar Tera Type

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced a special nineteenth type in its Indigo Disk DLC, the Stellar type. However, it's not like the other types, as it can only be accessed through the terastalization mechanic introduced in these games, and throws a wrench into the established mechanics a year after the base game came out.

While normally you have to consider offense and defense when picking a tera type, Stellar-type trades defensive benefits for more variety in your offense. It also features many drawbacks to keep it from being overpowered, so keeping track of all the mechanics can be overwhelming.

How To Unlock The Stellar Type

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Complete Guide To The Stellar Tera Type

To unlock this type you have to beat the main story of the Indigo Disk DLC. When you do, you'll be able to encounter wild Tera Pokemon in the Terarium and obtain Stellar Tera Shards to use at the Treasure Eatery in Medali.

Stellar Tera shards can be found on the ground, by defeating wild Tera pokemon, or obtained randomly from the fully upgraded Item Printer.

What Is The Stellar Tera Type?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Complete Guide To The Stellar Tera Type

The Stellar-type isn’t a new type per se. It has no weaknesses or resistances, no moves of the type by default, and it’s only super-effective against terastalized Pokemon. It’s better thought of as an upgrade to terastalization than anything else, and in particular one that only has offensive benefits.

Terapagos is the exception and will receive the boost to all its moves.

When a Pokemon is terastalized into Stellar-type, it will receive a boost to any move it uses, but only once per type. Because of this, a Pokemon running Stellar-type should have moves of multiple different types for maximum effectiveness.

Furthermore, Pokemon that are terastalized into Stellar-type will keep their base defensive weaknesses. So Pokemon such as Archaludon get to keep the benefit of being resistant or immune to ten types, but Gras-type Pokemon also keep all of their weaknesses.

The boost Stellar-type gives to moves is less than the boost you would get if you terastalized into the same type as the move.

The only Stellar-type moves are Stellar Starstorm, which only Terapagos can learn, and Stellar-type Tera Blast, which lowers the Attack and Special Attack of any Pokemon that uses it.

Best Stellar Type Pokemon For Raids

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Complete Guide To The Stellar Tera Type

Stellar-type works differently in raids than it does in regular battles. Terastalized pokemon will receive a boost to the power of all moves for the entire raid, and since raid Pokemon are always terastalized, Stellar-type Tera Blast and Stellar Starstorm will always be super effective.

Additionally, by the time you unlock Stellar-type, raids will be one of the only post-game challenges left for non-competitive players, so if you want to build a Stellar-type Pokemon for raids, these are the best options:


Terapagos is the only Pokemon whose stats aren’t affected by Stellar Starstorm, meaning it will always be super effective against any raid Pokemon.

Pokemon With Contrary

Pokemon with Contratry, such as Serperior, Malamar, and Enamorous will have their stats boosted by Tera Blast due to their ability. This can be very useful in raids, but unfortunately, you have to watch out for their weaknesses as they will still take super effective damage.

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