Pokemon TCG: Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck Guide

Are you ready for a Balloon Blast?

Pokemon TCG: Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck Guide

League Battle Decks are the most competitive preconstructed decks available in the Pokemon TCG, often designed based on decks that are placing well in multiple major tournaments. The Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck is perhaps the pinnacle of the product line, matching nearly perfectly with decks that are placing first throughout the world.

For countless trainers, Gardevoir is a much-beloved partner. For Pokemon TCG players, it's a powerhouse Pokemon capable of competing at the very highest levels of international play. And with the Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck, you too can embrace the power of Gardevoir and dominate your local league.

What Does The Gardevoir Ex League Battle Deck Include?

Pokemon TCG: Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck Guide

The Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck comes with everything you need to sit down and start playing immediately, assuming that you are already familiar with the Pokemon TCG. Be aware, though, that League Battle Decks are not for beginners. They do not include a rule book and often utilize advanced strategies that may overwhelm players just learning the game.

The most important item is the deck itself. The 60-card deck stars Gardevoir ex, along with Ralts and Kirlia, which also serve as the deck's main draw engine. Several other Pokemon join the party as support, along with a variety of useful Trainer cards.

In addition to the deck, you also get a competition-legal "coin-flip" die, six damage-counter dice, two Special Condition markers, a deck box, an accessory box, a strategy sheet, and a Pokemon Trading Card Game Live code card.

Sleeves are not included in League Battle Deck, and the included deck box is not made to fit sleeved cards.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Live code card allows you to redeem the code to play this deck online, which is an excellent way to practice with the deck before a tournament. Or, if a friend bought the deck and doesn't play the Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, ask for their code card so that you can try out the deck before you buy it.

Gardevoir Ex League Battle Deck List

Pokemon TCG: Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck Guide


Gardevoir ex, SVI 86 (3)

Kirlia, SIT 68 (4)

Ralts, SIT 67 (4)

Drifloon, SVI 89 (3)

Cresselia, LOR 74 (1)

Lumineon V, BRS 40 (1)

Mew ex, MEW 151 (1)

Radiant Greninja, ASR 46 (1)

Iono (4)

Professor's Research (Professor Sada) (3)

Arven (2)

Boss's Orders (Ghetsis) (2)

Jacq (1)

Artazon (4)

Nest Ball (4)

Ultra Ball (4)

Rare Candy (3)

Super Rod (1)

Bravery Charm (3)

Basic Psychic Energy (13)

Gardevoir Ex League Battle Deck Strategy

Pokemon TCG: Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck Guide

While Gardevoir ex is the star of the show, your main attacker will be Drifloon. You'll need to evolve a Ralts to Gardevoir ex in order to start attacking, though, so you'll want to go first in order to get swinging as early as possible.

Drifloon's Balloon Blast attack deals 30 damage for each damage counter on it, and Gardevoir ex's Psychic Embrace ability allows you to put any number of Psychic Energy from your discard pile and twice that many damage counters on one of your Psychic Pokemon. So your goal is to place as many damage counters as you need on Drifloon and then attack.

Consider replacing a couple of Nest Balls with Buddy-Buddy Poffins, which will search for two Drifloons or Ralts instead of one, and upgrading your Bravery Charms to Luxurious Capes or even a Hero's Cape.

You only need one Gardevoir ex on your Bench, but you'll want as many Ralts as possible and a Drifloon in the active spot if it's safe. Use your Nest Balls to search for all of these important Pokemon and Radiant Greninja, also for your bench.

Finally, use Concealed Cards and your Ultra Balls to start putting Psychic Energies in your discard pile while searching for Kirlia, Gardevoir ex, and Bravery Charm, which you should attach to Drifloon as soon as you locate it.

Evolve Ralts to Kirlia as soon as possible because Kirlia and Radiant Greninja are your draw engines, each allowing you to discard one card to draw two. Kirlia allows you to discard any card, but you should usually discard a Psychic Energy. Each Psychic Energy in your discard pile can then be moved onto your Drifloon using Gardevoir ex's Psychic Embrace ability.

Using Psychic Embrace to put five Psychic Energy and ten damage counters on Drifloon allows it to use Balloon Blast for 300 damage , enough to Knock Out most Pokemon.

Using Luxurious Cape instead of Bravery Charm, you can put 12 damage counters on Drifloon and deal 360 damage , enough to Knock Out Charizard ex.

Don't overextend by evolving a second Gardevoir ex: that will slow down your draw engine. Instead, keep your spare in-hand in case your opponent manages to Knock Out Gardevoire ex, and then evolve immediately in order to press the attack.

Gardevoir Ex League Battle Deck Common Threats

Pokemon TCG: Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck Guide

The biggest threat to pretty much every deck is Charizard ex. With 330 HP, it's too tough to take out in one hit without either upgrading the deck to give Drifloon more HP or using Mew ex's Genome Hacking attack after your opponent has taken five prize cards.

Fortunately, you have a little wiggle room because Psychic Embrace will allow you to prep a second Drifloon to attack as soon as your first goes down, netting you two Prize cards for the one your opponent earned.

Pokemon TCG: Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck Guide

Another threat is the possibility of your opponent attacking your benched Pokemon. Attacks like Scream Tail's Roaring Scream can hit the Pokemon on your Bench, disrupting your draw engines. Adding Manaphy (BRS 41) to your deck can prevent this because its Water Veil ability blocks damage to your benched Pokemon.

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