Rimworld Anomaly: How To Build Containment Facilities

Learn how to build containment facilities in Rimworld Anomaly.

Rimworld Anomaly: How To Build Containment Facilities

Rimworld's Anomaly DLC has you managing and containing unnatural entities. They function quite differently from humanoid prisoners or penned animals and the cost for mistakes can be significantly higher. A normal prison break ends when the captives escape to freedom. An escape in Anomaly can mean researchers getting eaten alive before the guards arrive.

A well-run containment facility can reward the player with forbidden knowledge, new psychic powers, bioferrite weapons, and weaponised entities. Here is everything you need to know about how to lay out your cells, upgrade your cells, and use the captive entities for the benefit of your colony.

How To Build Containment Facilities

Rimworld Anomaly: How To Build Containment Facilities

Each entity you encounter in the game will have a minimum containment strength. You ideally want to be well above this amount to minimise how often they try to escape. There are both universal and specific factors to containment strength.

Building Material

Rimworld Anomaly: How To Build Containment Facilities

The biggest factors in containment strength are the building materials you use. These are tracked separately for your holding spot, walls, and door.

You can use the HP of the material as the main deciding factor, as this is what directly scales containment strength. Other factors have some secondary relevance:

  • Steel is quick to build and has a decent HP among early-game resources. If you're early game and short of competent builders to use stone, this is much better than using wood.
  • Stone has a high HP and is completely fireproof. The new weapons in the DLC are largely fire-based so stone is more valuable than ever.
  • Plasteel holds its spot as the strongest material for defensive structures. Using it on walls is expensive, so use it for the small cells holding your worst entities.
  • Bioferrite floor plates add extra containment strength, but bioferrite walls are inferior to stone and plasteel. Other floors aren't relevant.

Layered walls have no impact on containment but can still be useful. A plasteel cell can be given a second layer of stone bricks for fireproofing.

Doors follow the same rule as walls, examining the HP of the material used. You want to have only one door to these cells. The newly added Security Door is the best choice for this but needs plasteel and electricity.

Holding platforms are your second consideration. The free-to-build holding spot can be used in a pinch but the steel holding platform give 40 points of containment. A wooden shack with a steel holding plate can be cheaper than a steel building and basic holding spots.

Items To Boost Containment

Rimworld Anomaly: How To Build Containment Facilities

There are both DLC-specific items to increase containment and repurposed tools from the vanilla game.

  • Shard inhibitors increase are not disabled by solar flares and work through walls.
  • Electric inhibitors need to be placed inside the cell but are cheaper than shard inhibitors.
  • Coolers can multiply containment strength on organic entities if you keep the room below freezing.
  • Lights and ceilings give a small but cheap boost to containment strength.

How Many Entities To Store Per Room

Rimworld Anomaly: How To Build Containment Facilities

Space is a limited commodity when building bases in Rimworld. You want your entities locked up as to the middle as possible, so it doesn't get damaged during firefights or dug into by sappers.

Unfortunately, each holding spot in a room weakens the containment of the others. This applies even if the spots are empty, so only build spots when you need them.

You also want to store your captives together to benefit from the shard inhibitor upgrade. Either place the inhibitor in the walls between several rooms or in the centre of a room surrounded by holding spots. Upgrades like the bioferrite harvester and electroharvester draw from a maximum of four platforms. This is a good upper limit for entities that don't warrant a personal cell.

All Containment Thresholds

Rimworld Anomaly: How To Build Containment Facilities

Stronger anomalies need more security, but the precise thresholds are malleable: You don't want a security system that meets the minimum requirements (especially if it is dependent on electric inhibitors and lights that can be knocked out by a solar flare). Aim instead to build well above each threshold.

The advanced entities will only begin appearing after you have activated the fallen monolith a second time. Make sure you are ready to contain them before proceeding.

Anomaly Tier

Example entities

Minimum Containment Ratings

Basic Security

Upgraded Security


Sightstealers, shamblers and weaker fleshbeasts

Between 30 and 60

A steel-walled room with a normal steel door is enough if you don't store too many in a room.

Replace holding spots with steel platforms and rebuild the walls from stone.


Revenants, Metalblood Horrors,

Between 70 and 110

A stone-walled room with a plasteel security door and steel holding platforms is a good baseline.

Bioferrite floor plating and shard inhibitors. Move problematic entities to personal cells.



Requires a warden to suppress it

The Nociosphere cannot be prevented from escaping once a certain time limit passes. Before this happens, send it to exhaust itself killing mechanoids.

The Nociosphere can defeat an Apocriton-level raid. Any less and it'll turn on you afterwards.

Handling Escape Attempts

Rimworld Anomaly: How To Build Containment Facilities

Escape attempts work similarly to humanoid prisonbreaks with two major exceptions. A human can steal the keys to open doors, allowing them to walk out quickly. If there are available weapons they'll arm themselves on the way out. Anomalies will break free from the restraints on their holding platform but must still force down the door to escape. They can't pick up weapons but have full access to their natural abilities.

The nearly 1,000 hitpoints of the security door mean you'll have plenty of time to assemble a security team. The issue is that allowing them to fully destroy the door enables other anomalies still chained up to make additional escape attempts. In large prisons, this can quickly cascade.

The safest approach is to open the door with a melee unit, either a well-armoured pawn, ghoul or mechanoid. You'll want to run back and fight away from the door or else other entities will attempt to escape.

Unless you bring non-lethal weapons such as blunt melee and nerve spikers, you can expect some of your escapees to die instead of being recaptured. You can temporarily uninstall their holding spots to improve security on the remainder.

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