Rise Of The Ronin: Public Order, Explained

Help restore order to villages as you travel the Japanese countryside of Rise of the Ronin.

Rise Of The Ronin: Public Order, Explained

The mythic storytelling trope of the lone warrior strolling into town and taking on an army of ruffians is one that's been repeated in many mediums of entertainment. Rise of the Ronin pays homage to this common narrative beat, letting you stroll into settlements and doll out your own brand of violent justice.

Some groups of enemies may be tough, requiring you to approach stealthily and pick them off one by one, while others can be easily dispatched with your blade. Doing so will net you rewards and resources to upgrade your character.

How To Restore Public Order

Rise Of The Ronin: Public Order, Explained

As you venture across Rise of the Ronin's map, you will encounter settlements occupied by bandits. They will vary in complexity and difficulty, and you can check what level they correspond to on the map screen. As a wandering warrior, it's your prerogative to cut down each raider and restore peace to the town.

Just like in many other open-world games, you have a variety of ways to approach these bandit camps. If there are only a few enemies, you may be able to assassinate each of them before they alert one another.

However, as you begin to take on tougher foes, this strategy becomes less feasible, as stealth attacks may not one-shot consistently. We found the best strategy to be utilizing a mixture of assassinations and ranged weaponry to thin the herd before confronting each base's remaining forces head-on.

If the encounter you've entered has formidable foes, prioritize taking them out first. Doing so will weaken the remaining enemies and reduce the length of their Ki bar .

Rewards For Restoring Public Order

Rise Of The Ronin: Public Order, Explained

Of course, you aren't clearing hordes of enemies purely out of the kindness of your heart. Along with the experience points and Karma that come naturally with winning fights, restoring public order will help you upgrade your character and traverse the world map quicker.

A cutscene will play, showing townspeople coming back to their homes, and then you will be able to use the area's Veiled Edge Banners. These are locked until you have killed all enemies in the vicinity. You'll also receive gear for your loadout and strengthen your bond with the region.

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