Rise Of The Ronin: Trophy Guide

Complete open world tasks, forge bonds, and claim your Rise of the Ronin platinum!

Rise Of The Ronin: Trophy Guide

Team Ninja takes its first dive into the open world genre with Rise of the Ronin, and that means a large map to explore with lots of activities to complete for trophy hunters. The Japanese countryside is awash with map markers beckoning you to jump into its various objectives, and you'll need to spend time forging bonds with your companions as well.

Thankfully, due to the game's structure, you won't have to worry about any missable trophies. After you complete the game, you will still have access to the map for side quest cleanup, and you can replay story missions to make different choices using the Testament of the Soul.

All Rise Of The Ronin Trophies

Rise Of The Ronin: Trophy Guide

In total, Rise of the Ronin boasts 51 trophies, including the platinum. Each of their names, developer-written descriptions, and unlock conditions can be found below.

Rise of the Ronin's trophy list contains plot details! Tread carefully, spoilers abound!



How To Unlock

Rise of the Ronin

Obtained all trophies.

Platinum trophy, unlocked after unlocking all other trophies.

Flying the Nest

Cleared the Prologue.

Finish the tutorial and prologue.

Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises

Learned that your Blade Twin is still alive.

Unmissable, part of the story.

Infiltrate the Prison Complex

Made your way to Shoin Yoshida.

A Happy Memory

Took a photograph at the request of Taka Murayama.

Unlocked during the "A Light in the Darkness" Bond Mission. If you missed this originally, you can travel back in time using the Testament of the Soul.

Black Ships, Long Shadows

Cleared Chapter 1.

Unmissable, part of the story.

Meeting Kaishu Katsu

Spoke with Kaishu Katsu at the Sumida River.

A Show for the Shogun

Learned the identity of the mysterious samurai at the duel.

Strange Bedfellows

Brokered a truce between the Roshigumi and the Choshu clan.

Cities of Darkness

Cleared Chapter 2.

The Satsuma-Choshu Alliance

Persuaded Takamori Saigo.

The Battle of Toba-Fushimi

Brought the Battle of Toba-Fushimi to an end.

A Veiled Edge's Future

Sealed the fate of your Blade Twin.

At the end of the game, your Blade Twin's fate will be in your hands. You can choose to either spare or kill them.

The Dawn of a New Japan

Cleared Chapter 3.

Unmissable, part of the story.

Threads of Fate

Established your first bond.

Unlocked by creating your first bond. This will be done naturally by choosing the right dialogue options and completing missions with companions.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Gave your first gift.

You can give your companions gifts during conversations and at longhouses.

Veiled Vow

Started your first romantic relationship.

There are 13 romanceable NPCs in Rise of the Ronin. They are as follows:

  • Princess Atsuko
  • Sana Chiba
  • Usugumo Dayu
  • Goro Katsura
  • Genzui Kusaka
  • Ine Kusumoto
  • Taka Murayama
  • Soji Okita
  • Matthew Perry
  • Ryoma Sakamoto
  • Ernest Satow
  • Fumi Sugi
  • Shinsaku Takasugi

After maxing out your Bond with one of these characters, you will be given a special dialogue option with them. This will start a romantic relationship, and the trophy will pop.

Fateful Encounter

Achieved your first Lv.4 Personal Bond.

Unlocked when you raise a Personal Bond to the highest level.

Home Sweet Home

Achieved your first Lv.3 Area Bond.

Unlocked when you raise an Area Bond to the highest level.


Earned your first Completion Reward.

Unlocked after completing all activities and gathering all collectibles in an area.

Good to Go

Upgraded your armor, weapon, and sub-weapon.

Unlocked after upgrading any piece of armor, weapon, and sub-weapon.

Transfer of Power

Performed your first Bond Transfer.

Unlocked after you perform a bond transfer. This is when you transfer an equipment perk from one piece of gear to another.


Equipped four or more pieces of equipment with the same set bonus for the first time.

Unlocked after you equip at least four pieces of gear with the same set bonus. Set bonuses can be found on gold and Masterwork items.

Fresh Start

Remodeled your longhouse for the first time.

In longhouses, you'll be given the option to display items you've collected on your journey. Not only do they make the space look nicer, but they also provide stat adjustments. This trophy is unlocked after customizing the space for the first time.

Traveling Through Time

Retried a mission for the first time using the Testament of the Soul.

Towards the end of the campaign, you'll unlock the ability to travel back in time with the Testament of the Soul to play story missions again and make different choices. This will unlock the first time you replay a mission.

Striver's License

Received the highest rank (Master) at the dojo.

Visit a dojo and earn 7000 points during a fight to earn the Master title. Priorize countersparks and defeat your opponent as fast as possible.

Horseback Hero

Received the highest rank (Master) in horseback archery.

Make sure to hit all targets and complete the course in as fast a time as possible to earn the Master title.

Winged Warrior

Received the highest rank (Master) in gliding training.

Hit all gliding targets as fast as possible to earn the title of Master.

Firearm Genius

Received the highest rank (Master) in firearms training.

Shoot as many targets as you can within the time limit to receive Master rank.

Cheater Beater

Caught 5 cheaters while playing Odds and Evens.

Identify the cheater five times and the trophy will pop.

Style Guru

Mastered three combat styles.

Combat styles are advanced when you deepen relationships with your companions. Increase your bond with three NPCs to unlock the trophy.

A Jack of One Trade is a Master of All

Mastered one of the four stat types.

Unlocked after maxing out one of the four skill trees.

Contraption Creator

Conducted Technology Development 15 times.

You develop technology with Igashichi Lizuka by giving him foreign books and other resources. Unlock this trophy by purchasing Technology Development upgrades 15 times.

Shadow Stalker

Succeeded in carrying out 100 assassinations.

Unlocked after performing 100 stealth kills.

Keeper of the Peace

Defeated 50 fugitives.

On your travels, you'll come across enemies who are on the run from the shogunate. Killing them increases your Area Bond and earns you rewards. The trophy unlocks after defeating 50 of them.

Fancy Meeting You Here

Had 50 Chance Encounters.

Chance Encounters populate all over the map throughout your playtime. Complete 50 of them to claim the trophy.


Saved 150,000 sen.

Unlocked by holding 150,000 sen at the same time.

Well-Rounded Ronin

Reached Level 55.

Unlocked after hitting Level 55.

Friendly Neighborhood Ronin

Completed all Bond Missions.

Unlocked after completing all Bond Missions. If you cannot access some of them anymore due to your choices, you can travel back in time using the Testament of the Soul to complete them.

Social Climber

Took part in missions with all available allies.

32 of the game's NPCs can be brought along on missions as combat companions. Use all of them to unlock the trophy.

Martial Arts Maniac

Defeated enemies using every weapon.

Kill one enemy with every melee weapon to pop the trophy.


Completed all photograph spots.

Take all 44 photos at designated camera locations to unlock the trophy.

Cats Over All

Collected all cats.

Unlocked after petting all 100 cats.

Solitary Ronin

Completed a mission without allies.

Unlocked after completing a mission with no NPC companions.

Life Saver

Completed a No-Kill Mission's objectives.

Complete "In Search of New Knowledge", "Ine's Worries", or certain chance encounters without killing anyone to pop this trophy. Fighting with bare hands and wooden weapons is allowed.

Tears of a Blue Demon

Managed to beat the Blue Demon aboard the Black Ship.

At the beginning of the game, there is an encounter with the Blue Demon you are meant to lose. If you beat him (best done by traveling back in time after you finish the game), the trophy will pop.

Midnight Crossing

Completed an optional ronin mission with the "Midnight" difficulty setting enabled.

Completing the game unlocks the optional Midnight difficulty. Play a mission on this setting and you'll unlock the trophy.

The Greater Opportunity

Saved Shinsaku Takasugi's life.

To save Shinsaku Takasugi, you must complete his first three Bond Missions. Then, during the Battle of the Forbidden Gate, you must side with Shogun forces so you can save him. This also gives you access to his fourth Bond Mission later.

Farewell, Black Cat

Saved Soji Okita's life.

To save Soji Okita, you will have to side with Shogun forces in "A Rift in the Roshigumi", then play through "The Ikeda Inn Incident" and "Fate of the Vanquished". Afterward, you will be able to play through his Bond Missions, which will result in you saving his life.

Twilight Fencer

Saved Ryoma Sakamoto's life.

To keep Ryoma Sakamoto alive, you will need to play his first four Bond Missions before the main mission, "The Omi Inn Incident".

Dive of the Ronin

Glided from the elevated deck at Kiyomizudera Temple.

Kiyomizudera Temple is located in Kyoto, which you get access to in the last chapter of the game. Once you arrive, visit the temple and glide from it to pop the trophy.

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