Roblox: A Dusty Trip — How To Start Your Car

Your car can’t move after starting the engine? here’s what you can do to make it move in A Dusty Trip on Roblox!

Roblox: A Dusty Trip - How To Start Your Car

A Dusty Trip is a game on Roblox that offers you an immersive journey along an endless road through a vast desert. Along the way, you'll need to utilize your scavenging skills to collect items essential for survival as you face various challenges.

As you take your first step into this journey, the initial task is to start your vehicle, which is your primary mode of transportation. So, this guide is here to assist you in starting your vehicle and avoiding a glitch that could prevent it from moving. That way, you can ensure that your journey starts smoothly.

How To Start Your Car

Roblox: A Dusty Trip - How To Start Your Car

Before attempting to start the engine of your vehicle, you must first build the vehicle. Without main parts like the engine and tires, and without filling the tank with fuel, the vehicle wouldn't be able to move or start.

To begin, leave the starting room and head to the garage, where you'll find all the parts needed for the vehicle. Grab each part and place it in its position on the unfinished car body located outside the starting house.

  • Start by grabbing and placing the four tires, the engine, and the radiator. The radiator is located near the engine, so it's easy to spot.
  • Next, grab the four doors. When you're ready to place them, ensure each door goes in its correct position. To figure out the right placement, approach each position with a door in hand. Once you see the place interaction prompt, you can put the door in its proper place.
  • After that, grab the two headlights and place them in their positions at the front of the car.
  • Finally, grab the hood, trunk, and bumpers, and attach them to complete the assembly.

Once the vehicle body is completed, grab the gas tank. Then, locate the car fuel tank, which is situated on the back right side of the car. Interact with it by holding the click to fill it. If you're using the van, you'll find the fuel tank on the back left side.

You're free to start with any parts you want. There's no need to grab them in a specific order.

If you choose to use the van instead of the car, you'll find it in the backyard of the starting house.

Roblox: A Dusty Trip - How To Start Your Car

Once you've finished building the car and filled the tank, open the door and take a seat in the driver's seat. Then, click 'R' to start the engine. Pay attention to the handbrake, located on your right side. Click it to release it, allowing the car to move, provided there are no glitches.

If you're on a mobile device, simply tap and hold the handbrake to release it.

How To Avoid Underground Tires Glitch

This glitch happens when one tire or more sinks underground, causing the car to become immobile even though all the parts are in place, the engine is running, and the handbrake is down.

To fix it, you need to approach the sinking tire, then grab it from its position and place it again. Doing so will allow the car to return to its normal state, resolving the issue.

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