Roblox: Doors — How To Complete The Rooms

Don’t get caught unawares in the dark.

Roblox: Doors - How To Complete The Rooms

Doors is a thrilling first-person horror game on Roblox in which you try to escape an abandoned hotel while multiple monsters called entities try to hunt you down. It is likely you will die many times before perfecting your run, so the main game can get repetitive. Luckily, another mode is accessible which changes up the game completely.

The Rooms, as they are called, are a much harder and lengthier version of the classic game, as this time you are to escape from a deserted office's 1,000 floors. This requires much patience and courage but is worth it for a brag-worthy achievement.

How To Get To The Rooms

Roblox: Doors - How To Complete The Rooms

The only entrance to The Rooms is found on floor 60 of the Hotel, and cannot be accessed without two lockpicks and one Skull Key for each player still alive.

Follow this guide to find the necessary items and continue on to get to The Rooms.

With these items in hand, you can find The Rooms door at or around floor 60 after a passage in a dark and disheveled room. A hole in the wall leading to the passageway will be found behind a t, but you still have to do one more step.

Head through the next door to another dark room, this time being one of the gate-locked levels. Go into the giant basement and find and flip the switch. This will unlock the gate to the next room but do not go in.

Instead, go back to the previous room's hidden hallway and proceed through to find a dimly lit room and The Rooms door.

Unlock the first two locks with your lockpicks, then the skull-shaped lock with the Skull key(s).

There will be one skull lock for every player still alive, so make sure everyone has a Skull Key. Finally, hold 'e' to go inside and reach The Rooms and receive the 'Detour' achievement.

If any of your group members are dead and spectating when you enter The Rooms, they will be revived and can continue with you.

How To Beat The Rooms

Roblox: Doors - How To Complete The Rooms

The Rooms are a considerably longer and more tedious version of the classic Hotel, with a completely different setting and three new and unique entities over a whopping 1,000 levels.

Players start on floor A-000 and must progress all the way to A-1000 to beat The Rooms and earn the secret achievement, 'A-1000.'

You are not able to revive while in The Rooms.

In the very first room, you will see a green shakelight that you can purchase for only ten gold. As you progress, the rooms will get significantly darker and eventually be pitch black for hundreds of levels, so this shakelight is essential.

The battery on the shakelight slowly drains upon use and can be recharged by left-clicking or 'shaking' the light. This makes a large amount of noise, but it doesn't seem to affect the spawning of entities .

Piles of gold will spawn in various locations across the rooms until A-120, with an actual flashlight being an extremely rare find. Bandages can also spawn very rarely.

The Crucifix and candle items are useless in The Rooms.

After floor A-200, exit doors will start to spawn every 50-100 levels that will take you back to the Hotel, specifically the Infirmary on floor 68. Additionally, you will retain your shakelight and get the achievement 'Back On Track.'

A dead and spectating player will also get the 'Back on Track' achievement but will not be revived.

If you want the true ending, however, you must ignore these exit doors and proceed all the way to floor A-1000, which can take upwards of two to five hours depending on your pace.

In this final room, you will find the overpowered NVCS-3000 item lying on a bridge.

Proceeding through the door will give you the 'A-1000' achievement and also take you back to the infirmary, but now with the NVCS-3000 item in tow.

Equipping this gives you infinite night vision and will highlight any progress items, including gate switches, room keys, library books, dupe doors, and breaker switches through the walls.

Entities In The Rooms

Roblox: Doors - How To Complete The Rooms

A-60 is a red, smiley-faced entity that acts very similarly to Rush. As his name suggests, he will most commonly spawn after floor A-60 but can spawn before this.

He has a chance to spawn whenever anew door is opened. Unlike Rush, the lights will not flash when he spawns, but rather, you will hear a low but obvious rumbling and TV static sound.

As he gets r, the noise gets louder, and he starts making a hissing sound. You must hide in a nearby locker to avoid his instant death.

As you reach the higher levels, the best strategy for avoiding A-60 is to hide immediately upon entering a room if a locker is available, and waiting until he has either passed, or you are sure he didn't spawn.

Luckily, the entity Hide isn't present in The Rooms, so you can hide indefinetly.

A-90 is an entity with a monochrome and pixelated face and a particularly unique attack. Once again, he will most commonly spawn after floor A-90 but can still spawn before this.

A-90 can spawn at random intervals, not just when opening doors. When he attacks, you will hear a quick knocking noise before his face will appear on your screen, followed by a red stop sign.

At this point, if you make any sort of movement, including moving the camera and hiding, A-90 will deal 90 damage to you.

This effect only lasts for a few seconds, from which your screen will clear, and you can move again.

To avoid death by A-90, we recommend only using your WASD keys to navigate The Rooms, not moving your camera at all. That way, if he suddenly spawns you can quickly take your hand off the keyboard.

A-120 is another smiley-faced entity, acting as an even harder version of A-60. He can spawn on any floor but will most often after A-120.

His arrival is signaled by a quiet, metallic thumping sound, which is considerably harder to pick up than A-60's noises.

A-120 will spawn randomly in the room ahead of the last opened door and chases you backward, killing you unless you can hide in a locker in time. Luckily, he is often slow enough that you can still hide in time despite him being in front of you.

He will also often rebound several times around the room, so be sure he is gone before exiting.

Since A-120 spawns in the room ahead of you, this new room might not have any lockers , so be prepared to backtrack. On the other hand, A-120 can only spawn if the previous room had a locker.

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