Roblox: Doors — How To Revive

Learn how to revive in Roblox: Doors!

Roblox: Doors - How To Revive

Doors is one of Roblox's most popular and tense horror games, having players race to reach floor 100 of an abandoned hotel while a slew of murderous entities wants nothing but to stop that from happening. Each creature has a different strategy to survive the onslaught, making trial and error the best teacher.

Although death is not uncommon in Doors, revives can be much harder to come by, which can bring your run back to life under certain circumstances. With that in mind, here is how to receive and use revives in the terrifying journey for freedom that is Doors.

How To Get Revives In Doors

Roblox: Doors - How To Revive

The only way to consistently get revives in Doors is by buying them with Robux. Five revives cost 120 Robux, which can be bought in the shop when you're in the main lobby, and you can also buy an instant revive for 30 Robux when you die on a run.

Besides Robux, occasional codes can also give you a free revive. Additionally, joining the creator's group, LSPLASH, and buying any official Doors UGC items will give revives.

To get a revive from buying Doors UGC items, you must either buy it in-game or wear it when playing. You can look at the selection by clicking the 'UGC' button in the shop.

How To Use Revives In Doors

Roblox: Doors - How To Revive

Now that you have revived, it's important to know how to use them. Most importantly, only one revive per run can be redeemed, regardless if that is a revive you already had or if you bought an instant one.

If you die again within 15 seconds of reviving, the revive will not be used .

When you die, a death screen will appear with the option to revive at the top, in which you will have 15 seconds to revive if you so choose; however, dying on some floors will not let you revive. If you die anywhere in the Greenhouse, Electrical Room, or The Rooms,you cannot be revived.

Additionally, you cannot revive under certain circumstances, and if Rush, Ambush, Halt, Eyes, or Seek are still in effect, you will not be able to revive until the room is safe. Finally, if you run out of time to Haste in the Backdoor levels, you cannot revive either.

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