Roblox: Doors — How To Unlock Detour To Reach The Backdoor

Reach The Backdoor and go up against all of its entities to beat it.

Roblox: Doors - How To Unlock Detour To Reach The Backdoor

Doors is a terrifying first-person horror game on Roblox where you, and possibly several other players, attempt to escape from a hotel through all 100 floors. It isn't as simple as just running to the end, though, as numerous hostile entities will do anything to stop you dead in your tracks.

If the lengthy trial and error process through these floors starts to become boring, then The Backdoor mode will provide a thrilling new twist to the journey. Although it needs an achievement to unlock, The Backdoor is worth it, providing a timed run with all new entities and floor designs.

How To Get The 'Detour' Achievement

Roblox: Doors - How To Unlock Detour To Reach The Backdoor

In order to be able to access The Backdoor at all, you have to first get the achievement 'Detour.' This achievement requires you to reach The Rooms, another mode within the game that can be accessed on floor 60 of the Hotel.

You cannot access The Rooms at all if you are doing a modified run.

Unlocking this secret door will require two lockpicks and one Skull Key for every player still alive. Both can be rarely found in drawers throughout the hotel, the Skull Key being exponentially rarer, but there are also more guaranteed options.

In the Pre-Run Shop, two lockpicks can be bought for 50 knobs . Buying these is ideal, as it is not guaranteed you or your team will have enough lockpicks upon reaching the door.

The Skull Key will always spawn inthe Jeff Shop, the safe intermission room on floor 52, right after the Library encounter. It will be 300 gold, so make sure you have enough gold from the run.

It's possible for the Jeff Shop to sell one lockpick as well for 150 gold , but it isn't guaranteed to be in stock.

Now that you've collected all the needed items and survived up to floor 60, all that is left is to find the hidden door to The Rooms.

At or around floor 60, you will encounter a dark and torn-apart room with several ts thrown about the room. Looking behind one of the knocked-over ts to the right will reveal a dimly lit passage.

Before heading in, proceed through the next door to find another dark room, this time with the classic locked gate that can be unlocked through a switch in the basement.

Find and flip the switch, then go back to the hidden passage and make your way through.

If you are having trouble finding the switch in the maze-like basement, wait a little longer , and the blue Guiding Light entity will highlight it for you.

Finally, at the end of the hall, you will find a door with two small locks and one (or more) giant skull-shaped lock. Use the two lockpicks on the first two, then the Skull Key and presto.

A cutscene will play before sending you straight to The Rooms.

At this point, you will have the 'Detour' achievement, so you don't have to worry about staying there if you don't want to.

Where To Find The Backdoor

Roblox: Doors - How To Unlock Detour To Reach The Backdoor

The Backdoor itself is found outside the game's hotel waiting room. Head out the double doors and to the right to find a chainlink fence. If you have gotten 'Detour,' you will be able to walk right through an opening.

You will immediately see an elevator ahead that will take you to The Backdoor with your choice of two to three other players.

How To Beat The Backdoor

Roblox: Doors - How To Unlock Detour To Reach The Backdoor

The Backdoor mode is a timed run in which you go from floor -50 to floor -01, almost serving as a prequel to the Hotel itself. It will more likely than not take you a few tries, but these tips and tricks will lessen the learning curve.

The Entities

Roblox: Doors - How To Unlock Detour To Reach The Backdoor

Three new entities will try to hinder your progress as you race against the clock through the dark and winding hallways: Blitz, The Lookman, Vacuum, and Haste.

Blitz acts very similarly to the main game's Rush entity. The lights will flicker to signal his spawn before he soon comes barreling down the hall to kill any player not hiding in a nearby t.

He will often turn red and rebound around the room where players are hiding multiple times, so be sure he is gone before exiting the t.

If you are playing with other people, it's recommended that you stay together , as a large gap in distance can make the rebound effect very time-consuming.

If there are less than 30 seconds on the clock, Blitz will not rebound at all so that you can progress quicker.

The Lookman is very similar to Eyes: don't look anywhere near its face, or you will rapidly take 20 damage. He will appear in many rooms, and can often be recognized by red lighting appearing and lightbulbs shattering.

To avoid him, we found it best to keep your eyes down for the entire challenge , just low enough that he cannot meet your gaze.

Vacuum is an insta-death entity that punishes players for opening the wrong door. There will often be numerous doors to choose from, but only one will have the door number. Stay clear of any fake doors, as he will instantly kill you if he opens them.

Finally, Haste is the main antagonist of the Backdoor. As your time runs out, the music will reflect your waning seconds ominously until the screen turns red at zero seconds left.

A red screen is not always game over. We recommend you keep going as fast as you can to try and find another lever.

At this point, he will chase and kill you unless you are able to pull another time lever, in which he will despawn until needed again.

You cannot use a revive if there are less than 15 seconds on the clock.

Time Levers And Vials Of Light

Roblox: Doors - How To Unlock Detour To Reach The Backdoor

As soon as you unlock the first door, you will see a lever with one minute on the clock; flipping this will start the challenge.

From here, these levers have a chance of spawning on any floor and can add either 30 seconds or a minute to your time.

The time levers aren't always easy to spot and can easily be missed. Try your best to look around each room to make sure you are getting the extra time if it is provided.

While opening the numerous drawers throughout the Backdoor can be extremely time-consuming, they have a chance of containing a Vial of Starlight, a golden, glowing vial.

Consuming it will give you seven seconds of increased speed and a glow effect, as well as healing 25 health. The added speed can be a game-changer if you are to running out of time, and the glow effect is very helpful as many of the rooms are dimly lit.

If you are under the effect of a Vial of Starlight, The Lookman will not be able to damage you .

Additionally, the Bottle of Starlight will be available for purchase in the final room for 100g. This has the same effects as the vial but lasts for 10 seconds and heals 50 health instead.

Successfully beating the Backroom will give you the achievement 'Other Way Around' and offer a door at the end of the final room. Going through this will throw you right into a normal Hotel run, keeping all of your current items and health.

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