Roblox: Murder Mystery 2 — How To Get Gems

Learn how to get gems in Roblox: Murder Mystery 2!

Roblox: Murder Mystery 2 - How To Get Gems

One of Roblox's most popular and longstanding mafia spin-offs, Murder Mystery 2 is the perfect way to spend a rainy evening. The gameplay is simple yet addicting: One player, the 'Murderer', is tasked to kill every other player while avoiding the appointed 'Sherrif'. As a sheriff or murderer, you can even choose to kill in style with unique weapons purchased via gems.

Along with unlocking new weapon appearances, gems can also be used to purchase weapon effects, powers, emotes, pets, radios, and mystery boxes. Unfortunately, gems don't come easy, and there is only one simple way to gain more.

How To Get Gems In Murder Mystery 2

Roblox: Murder Mystery 2 - How To Get Gems

There is only one way to get gems in Murder Mystery 2: buying them with Robux. Yep, that is the only way, and the conversion rate throughout all the bundles is one Robux to one gem.

To see the bundle options, click the shop on the left side of the screen and then the plus signs next to the gem symbol. This should open up the gem shop where you can buy to your heart's content.

While this is the only known way currently, keep an eye out for in-game events and giveaways.

What To Use Gems On in Murder Mystery 2

Roblox: Murder Mystery 2 - How To Get Gems

Gems can be used to buy anything cosmetic in the game, including boxes, emotes, radios, and pets. They can range anywhere from 100 gems to 2,500 gems, with most of them needing several coins as well.

Any radio skins cannot be purchased until you have bought the Radio gamepass for 475 Robux.

Powers can also be bought with gems, such as sleight, ninja, sprint, and fake guns. These can significantly change the game for murderers and make taking everyone out much easier.

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