Sand Land: Best Motorbike Build

Make Ann’s Motorbike the fastest ride in all of Sand Land!

Sand Land: Best Motorbike Build

As you progress through the main story in Sand Land, you'll eventually recover and repair Ann's Motorbike. This sleek two-wheeler is almost twice as fast as most other vehicles, making it easy to quickly go from place to place when fast travel isn't an option. It's also useful for crossing quicksand and ramps, and is a blast to use on the game's race tracks.

Use this guide to help your Motorbike do what it does best; zoom across the sand at breakneck speeds without stopping for anything or anyone!

Best Motorbike Weapons

Sand Land: Best Motorbike Build

The Primary Weapon slot on a Motorbike holds a Shotgun, which uses a burst of pellets to deal heavy damage at range, or hit multiple targets for less damage at medium range. As vehicle armaments go, they're pretty weak, but should be enough to take out standard enemies point-blank.

Buckshot Shotguns have a faster reload speed, while Full-Choke Shotguns deal more damage. We tend to prefer the latter, since you're ideally only going to be firing off a round or two before you zip out of range.

For your Motorbike's Secondary Weapon, you'll be limited to Machine Guns. They're more accurate and consistent, but can only fire forward when mounted on a bike. If you find yourself in combat, you'll have to alternate between your Shotgun and Machine Gun if you want to deal damage effectively. For this reason, focus on reload speed.

Best Motorbike Engine And Suspension

Sand Land: Best Motorbike Build

Engine upgrades for the Motorbike tend to enhance the length of Boosts, letting you go faster for longer while in combat. Suspensions, on the other hand, enhance the vehicle's overall speed and handling, while providing a little extra armor.

In most cases, you can simply choose the highest-level Parts available for these slots since there isn't a lot of variation between the different models.

Best Motorbike EX Chips

Sand Land: Best Motorbike Build

The ideal EX Chip for your Motorbike is the Boost Enhancer, since it both increases Boost Speed and reduces Nitro consumption. However, it has a high level requirement that means you'll have to put a lot of work into the bike before you can install this premium chip.

In the meantime, you may as well fill the EX Chip slot with something. An Endurance Booster is a good choice, since the Motorbike is one of the more fragile vehicles and you don't want to get blown away by an errant missile.

Hitting an obstacle while going at top speed will throw Beelzebub from the bike , forcing you to re-summon it. This is especially dangerous in combat, as it can leave you fighting on foot!

Motorbike Combat Strategy

Sand Land: Best Motorbike Build

You won't often use the Motorbike for battles; it's much better suited to speeding past enemies or escaping a dangerous situation. To break through a group of enemies, charge them full speed and fire your Shotgun right as you get . You'll usually take out an enemy or two, grab their loot, and be long gone before any of the others can react.

If you have to stand your ground with a bike, stick to open areas where you can drive in wide circles without hitting anything. Keep circling the enemy, firing away with your Shotgun and making heavy use of Ally Skills. If the fight starts to turn against you, use the Motorbike's superior speed to get far away and heal up.

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