Star Wars Outlaws Doesn’t Have XP Or Levels

Star Wars Outlaws' game director, Mathias Karlson, has revealed that the game won't feature any levelling up or experience points, as its character progression is tied exclusively to the Experts that Kay Vess encounters on her journey.

When Ubisoft first revealed that it was working on an open-world Star Wars game, I'm sure that many fans already had a good idea in their mind of what that would entail — maps full of quest markers, tall map-revealing towers to climb, stat-changing gear and an abundance of side content to keep you exploring. So far, though, Outlaws has proven that it's moving away from that formula and doing its own thing.

Massive Entertainment has already revealed several ways that Outlaws goes against the Ubisoft grain, such as not having to climb towers to reveal the map, but it's just gone into detail about one of the most interesting divergences yet. Despite being called an Action RPG, it turns out that Outlaws won't have levelling mechanics or experience points.

Star Wars Outlaws' Skill Trees Are Entirely Centred Around Expert NPCs

Star Wars Outlaws Doesn't Have XP Or Levels

IGN recently had the chance to talk to several developers working on Star Wars Outlaws, including game director Mathias Karlson. While talking about how Outlaws' open-world works, Karlson revealed that the game's character progression is quite different from other Ubisoft games and RPGs in general, as it's not tied to experience points or levelling up.

Instead of giving the player skill trees and characteristics to pool XP into, Kay's abilities and items are earned through quests with Experts, special NPCs that you meet out in the world who train you and offer your upgrades. We saw a bit of this in action during Ubisoft Forward, which showed Kay working towards a quest to find an expert Gunslinger to teach her some new tricks.

“You can go on a journey with a character such as an expert who is going to teach Kay a new skill and give her a new upgrade to her blaster. Now, that skill, that upgrade definitely ties into Kay pulling off the heist, but it's also very much its own journey, which is in the Star Wars tradition as well.”

IGN also revealed another example of how Experts work, as Kay can find a Jawa after hearing about their location in a cantina and then complete a mission for them to earn a laser turret for the ship. The missions offered by Experts seem to work similarly to side quests in other RPGs, but with much more tangible rewards.

At the time, it wasn't clear if Outlaws had any progression systems to go alongside the upgrades offered by Experts, but it looks like building Kay's skills up will be entirely based around these Expert quests. Considering how packed 2024 has been with skill trees and upgradeable stats, it's sounding like a breath of fresh air.

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