Stellar Blade: How To Solve The Subway Puzzle

In order to summon the subway in Eidos, you’ll need to do a little bit of mathematics in this Towers of Hanoi riff

Stellar Blade: How To Solve The Subway Puzzle

Stellar Blade has Eve exploring various different settings with relative freedom, but the game has a constant momentum that pushes you forward in a linear direction. Sometimes though, it puts roadblocks in front of that linearity. That could be some complicated platforming and switches to be activated, it could be a fiendishly difficult boss battle. And sometimes, it's the deadliest enemy of all: a maths quiz. That's what happens when you try to board the subway in Eidos.

How To Activate The Subway System

Stellar Blade: How To Solve The Subway Puzzle

The subway puzzle is a version of the Towers of Hanoi game, but rather than moving different sized rings onto the correct pegs, you instead need to use the batteries with the correct amount of charge in order to make sure each column is fully powered while leaving enough juice left to reach the rest of them.

Let's get right down to it: the solution is 3, 8, blank, 6, blank 1. Put these batteries in that order and the columns will each have the correct amount of charge for the subway to run. That's all you need to do. But if you're interest in the mathematics of this puzzle (and if you're anything like myself, boy do you love equations), we'll break it all down for you below.

Stellar Blade: How To Solve The Subway Puzzle

The first thing to know is that aside from the two end slots, placing a number in any middle slot will cause it to split. For example, that 8 in the second slot adds four charges to the column to the left and four to the column to the right. It can be tempting to put the 8 in the first slot to give all eight to the biggest column, but it only needs seven. Therefore, the 3 and 8 give it three plus four, filling the charge without any battery wasted.

Better yet, the other four from the 8 fills the next column entirely, allowing you to leave the next one blank. You'll then have the 6 and the 1 left, or seven charges, but only need to fill six charges. That's why the 6 goes after the blank — it can give three to the left column and two to the right column. Though this does waste one charge, it also means you can fill two whole columns with just one battery. You're then left with just one column, which only needs one charge. If you put the battery in the middle, the charge goes to the left, meaning it's wasted as the 6 is already filling it — actually, only two of the 6's three charges are used, so it already has too many even without the 1.

By moving the 1 to the right slot, the charge goes entirely to the empty column and fills it up, charging every column and activating the subway. With this puzzle solved, Eve can move on to the next area and continue her hunt for Naytibas. This isn't even the only maths puzzle in the game, as a later zone will ask you to deduce the solution to a locked keypad by figuring out the connection between some sums.

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