Stellar Blade: Where To Find Nano Element

Here is how you can get all Nano Element types in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade: Where To Find Nano Element

Stellar Blade follows Eve's journey as she uncovers the secrets of the Naytiba and fights against them. It's a pretty straightforward game, but it gives you some freedom to explore a few different regions. As you explore, you'll encounter enemies to defeat, creatures to interact with, and loot to collect.

One of the things you'll find is new gear for Eve to use in combat. But here's the catch: you'll need to upgrade this gear to make it more effective. Like in many games, this upgrade process requires you to find specific materials. In Stellar Blade, the material you're hunting for is called Nano Element.

How To Get Nano Element

Stellar Blade: Where To Find Nano Element

Nano Element is a crucial material for upgrading Eve's Exospine equipment. While you can still find these items in crates scattered around the open world, having a shop that sells them whenever you need them is even better—and there is one.

Once you reach Xion and proceed to the Wasteland as part of the main story, open the map. To the north, you'll spot a smiley face icon labeled Scrap Yard. Head there, and you'll encounter a robot named D1G-g2r stuck in a crane, unable to move, asking for your assistance.

Stellar Blade: Where To Find Nano Element

To free D1G-g2r, you'll need to reset the claw crane control system, marked by three points on your map. Interact with them in the specified order the robot gave you: first, the marker on the right side, then the one to the south, and finally the center marker.

Once you've completed this task, D1G-g2r will be liberated, marking the completion of its quest. From then on, you can interact with D1G-g2r, who will transform into a merchant offering various items for sale, including all variations of the Nano Element you need.

Stellar Blade: Where To Find Nano Element

However, these items aren't purchased with gold; instead, you'll need Micro items acquired by defeating enemies or finding them in different crates. Unfortunately, there's no specific method for obtaining Micro items, but as you play, explore the game and defeat enemies, you should naturally acquire them.

Using Nano Element to upgrade equipment can only be done at a Repair Console in a Supply Camp or with Lily's assistance.

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