Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Season 2 Suddenly Delayed By Two Weeks

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's second season was supposed to be going live tomorrow, but it's suddenly been hit with a last-minute delay that has pushed it back by two weeks.

2024 has been a pretty great year for video games so far thanks to releases like Tekken 8, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Animal Well, and many more, but it's also proven time and again that live-service releases are a risky venture. While continuous updates and an evolving world have worked wonders for Helldivers 2, the same definitely can't be said of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Rocksteady's big departure from its single-player focused Arkham games was panned when it released in February, and things have just been getting worse since then. Ironically, one of the big problems that the game has had is with its live-service elements, as the content rollout has been incredibly slow, something that's made worse when it gets delayed out of nowhere.

Suicide Squad Players Aren't Happy About Season 2's Last-Minute Delay

Last week, Rocksteady finally unveiled what was coming to Suicide Squad's second season, which focuses on Mrs Freeze and seems to add a surprising amount of new content. The post also revealed that the update was going to be dropping on July 11, giving the dwindling community a bit more hope about the game's future.

It's fair to say that hope has just been stomped on a little. Earlier today, Rocksteady announced that Season 2, which was supposed to be going live tomorrow, will now launch on July 25, two weeks after the original planned date. We've seen plenty of delays during Suicide Squad's run so far, but this has to be one of the worst.

As you can probably imagine, Suicide Squad players aren't exactly taking the announcement well. Over on the Suicide Squad subreddit, Redditor After_Bandicoot6730 shared an image of the tweet saying, "Oh my hell", a reaction that other players backed up. Most of the responses are bewildered at just how badly the post-launch content is going, with some suggesting that it's time for Rocksteady to pull the plug.

Although that seems like the kindest thing to do to Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. has already confirmed that the game will complete its current roadmap .

The responses underneath the Twitter post aren't very kind, either, with one player even calling it "the worst support I have ever seen in my life". We don't yet know why the second season has suddenly been delayed for such a long time, but it's hard to imagine that many players will be sticking around for the new date.

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