The Planet Crafter: 3 Best Locations To Build Your Base

Find out the best places to locate your base in The Planet Crafter!

The Planet Crafter: 3 Best Locations To Build Your Base

The Planet Crafter is filled with several different biomes, all with varying resources, events, and environments. With all these biomes to choose from, it is hard, especially for a new player, to pick the best starting spot to create your base.

In most survival-crafting games, setting up your base takes a lot of commitment. If you end up finding a better spot for your base, you might spend a couple of hours just to relocate. Luckily, in The Planet Crafter there are only a few good spots to set up your base, and here's where you should set up your flag!

Starting Valley

The Planet Crafter: 3 Best Locations To Build Your Base

The Starting Valley is any player's best and most common starting area, and there are multiple reasons why this area is the best place to start your game. For one, everything, literally everything, is easily accessible because you are in the middle of all the biomes.

You start collecting a little bit of the early resources to progress through your research. After unlocking a few more blueprints and construction options, you can easily get the other mid-tier resources like Aluminum, Iridium, and Osmium from all directions.

Apart from the resources, the nearby shipwrecks also give you a ton of early microchips to research. These unlock several useful features through microchips, like Jet Packs, Torches (flashlights), Blueprint Pinning, Exoskeleton upgrades, and more.

Once you start terraforming the land and progress r to the Lakes period, the area starts to get flooded. You can either move your base to higher ground or build foundations and make your base float above the forming lake. As long as you stay near the Starting Valley, you'll still be in the center of the map.

When starting the game, it is better to create multiple outposts around the planet. If you do this, you'll have some Oxygen checkpoints, emergency storage units, and the potential to relocate your main base by easily transforming your outpost.

Dune Desert

The Planet Crafter: 3 Best Locations To Build Your Base

The Dune Desert, located around coordinate 1400:8:1050, is quite near the Starting Valley. If you head up way north, you'll eventually see the Dune Desert. Some biomes look a bit identical, but this biome has more open areas, and it includes a massive shipwreck you can explore for resources and a secret Super Alloy Cave.

The Dune Desert biome makes a wonderful spot for a base because it is to the Super Alloy Cave and the place is massive enough to create a big base. Being so to the Super Alloy Cave means you can have all the basic resources easily because you can recycle Super Alloys to get Iron, Silicon, Magnesium, Titanium, Aluminum, and Cobalt.

If you want to set up here, make sure to build your base at high altitude. Even though it is a "Desert" biome, there will be some water body formations around the area.

Apart from getting these basic resources, the mid-game requires an absurd amount of Super Alloys. You might never recycle any of these Super Alloys since you use them all the time. If you start your base here, you'll weirdly get some Ice resources around the area, so water won't be an issue even in the desert.

It does take some time to get the benefits of staying in the Dune Desert since the T2 Ore Extractor is a bit far away, but it'll be worth it in the future. The place is still to the center of the map, and you can easily get higher-tier resources like Pulsar Quartz in another biome.

The Highlands

The Planet Crafter: 3 Best Locations To Build Your Base

The Highlands looks like a barren desert at first, but when you reach the Lakes and Fauna period, it'll start to look like a jungle. The biome coordinates are around 1050:10:1800. You can start your base at one of the sides, near the inclined rock pillars or you can build a foundation in the middle and build upwards.

The area looks luscious, vibrant, and brimming with life, which is a nice change of pace after experiencing pure desolation in your first few hours of playing. If you set up a base here, you are also quite to the Super Alloy cave near the Dune Desert, but you are mainly here for the Uranium cave.

Uranium is quite hard to find unless you spam Uranium rockets in the air. In this case, you don't have to use several resources to send rockets to space to get Uranium. You can easily extract them in the future and get unlimited power for your base.

The only downside to this starting area is that Aluminum and Obsidian are extremely far away from you. You can solve your Aluminum problem by recycling Super Alloys, but farming Obsidian will require a long journey every time unless you unlock the Teleporter.

Technically, once you have the Teleporter unlocked, all your logistics problems are fixed, so you can choose any location to build your main base.

Other Biomes

The Planet Crafter: 3 Best Locations To Build Your Base

With the beauty of technology, you don't need to rely on convenience when choosing your starting location. If you like the ambiance of a place, you can build your starting base purely for aesthetics; you can easily extract all the resources you want once you unlock certain technologies or blueprints available in the game.

Quality of life will improve more and more. In the end, you'll only be limited to your creativity. You can even start your base at the Sand Fall area, which looks intimidating at first, but it does bring a different feel if you have a base in the middle of it.

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