The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

Rhea wasn’t built in a day.

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

The dream of humanity to travel to different planets and make them habitable has always been one of the greatest. It may not be possible for us to witness it happening, but maybe our future generations will be able to. However, it is uncertain whether we will be stuck on Earth until our extinction or not.

Although it is difficult to answer these questions, The Planet Crafter can help ease our worries. The objective of the game is to make an inhospitable planet habitable. So, if you're ready to embark on such a big and ambitious mission, we have prepared some tips for you.

Base Location Choice Is Quite Important

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

When you start the game, you'll find yourself in a big unknown. But as you slowly start crafting things, your base will develop parallel to your game knowledge. Before you know it, there will be Vegetubes, Heaters, and chests inside your base. Outside your base, you'll have Drills, Wind Turbines, and Solar Panels.

As the number of machines and other things in your base increases, moving your base will become quite laborious. Therefore, if you choose the location for your base wisely, you'll start the game with a significant advantage.

Ores like Iron, Titanium, Silicone, Magnesium, Cobalt, and Ice are already quite abundant and scattered around. Your main goal is to find Aluminum and Iridium, which you'll need in the early stages of the game. If you build your base near places where these are abundant, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble later on.

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

The coordinates of the Aluminium Hills, where you can find Aluminum , are 942:27:94

The coordinates of the Falling Sand Caves, where you can find Iridium , are 930:39:910

Know The Coordinates Of Your Base

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

Features like a compass and map are initially locked in The Planet Craft. They will remain locked for quite a long time. So, you'll have to manage with just coordinates until you acquire map and compass microchips.

Of course, you'll constantly need to be on the move to find the resources you need, and there may be times when you have to venture far from your base. At this point, the best thing to do is to write down the coordinates of your base. This way, if you get lost, you can easily find your way back.

In addition to the coordinates of your base, you can also note down the coordinates of some important locations. This will save you from having to research again and again to revisit places you've previously explored.

Once you find the mapping screen, compass, and map microchips later on, you won't need to memorize coordinates anymore. But knowing the coordinates is crucial for the beginning.

Find A Seed As Quickly As Possible

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

Three important attributes or planetary stats for you to consider when terraforming in the initial stages are:

  • Heat
  • Pressure
  • Oxygen

To increase the Heat aspect, you'll need Iridium in addition to other common ores typically scattered across the ground. For crafting your first Heater, Drill T1 requires Iron and Titanium, so you can easily increase Pressure.

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

Increasing Oxygen is a bit different because it requires finding Seeds. Before that, you need to craft a Vegetube to put the seeds into. Crafting Vegetube T1 is quite easy, and the recipe is as follows:









However, Vegetubes will produce a minimal amount of Oxygen unless you insert Seeds into them. Open crates and explore wreckages. You'll eventually find seeds that you can place inside the Vegetubes.

The seeds you find will have different Oxygen multipliers, so either insert all your seeds into the Vegetubes or remove the ones with lower oxygen multipliers and replace them with better ones.

Be Cautious While Exploring

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

Collecting resources while exploring can sometimes extend your journey. In such cases, it may not be possible to reach your base in time. Ensure you have the necessary supplies with you on your journey.

The most important thing is to upgrade your Oxygen Tank. The more advanced your Oxygen tank is, the longer you can comfortably roam. In addition to this, crafting Oxygen Capsules, which is a relatively easy consumable item, is crucial. It's advisable to have at least three Oxygen Capsules with you at all times.

Another concern is water. Carrying at least two Water Bottles with you will ensure your safety.

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

Lastly, there may be situations where your Oxygen Capsules run out, and there is still a considerable distance to reach your base. In such cases, carrying ores that can be used to craft Living Compartments and Living Compartment Doors with you allows you to quickly craft them, survive, refill your oxygen, and then continue your journey.

Setting up Living Compartments near places you frequently visit is also a useful tactic.

Pay Attention to Upgrading Inventory

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

Don't postpone Backpack upgrades; make them as soon as possible. The more resources you carry back to your base during your laborious journeys, the more beneficial it will be for you. Therefore, never neglect to make these upgrades.

Making plenty of Storage Crates in your base is also a very good idea. After all, isn't it better for resources to be stored inside your home rather than outside?

Don't Explore Wrecks In One Go

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

You'll come across wreckage sites that catch your interest. These can vary in size from large to small spacecraft. You'll find many useful items inside, but you don't need to do this all in one go.

Set small goals for yourself when exploring them, and take what you can get. If you linger inside for too long, your resources like oxygen and water can be depleted, putting you in a challenging situation. Take the resources from these wrecks slowly but steadily. Setting up Living Compartments outside these wrecks can also be very beneficial.

Don't Postpone Growing Food

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

It would be good to build a Food Grower as soon as possible. You initially have Space Food, which you can find in crates or wreckage for a while. However, there may be times when you can't find them, and you wouldn't want to postpone such an essential need as food.

After setting up the Food Grower, you still need to put a crop seed into it. Thus, you take the first step in growing your food. However, what you grow is crucial. Since each food has a different satiety rate, they are not all equal in improving your health. Therefore, growing foods with high health benefits will serve you well. Here are the health benefits of all crop seeds:

Seed Name

Health Benefit

Beans seeds


Squash seeds


Cocoa seeds


Mushroom seeds


Wheat seeds


Eggplant seeds


If you are playing a single-player game, having at least two Food Growers will ease your concerns about food.

Aim For Targeted and Balanced Terraforming

The Planet Crafter: 8 Beginner Tips

When Terraforming, it's crucial to do it in a balanced manner. For instance, if Oxygen and Heat are progressing rapidly but the Pressure aspect is lagging, you can focus on building more Drills.

There's an important point to consider here, however. While progressing with your Terraforming, always check the Blueprint screen to see what you'll unlock. For example, unlocking Heater T2 requires Oxygen levels to reach 1.85 ppt.

Anticipate what you'll unlock and tailor your playstyle accordingly. Developing everything at the same pace maximizes your chances of unlocking as many blueprints as possible.

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