V Rising: All Waygate Locations

Waygates are used to fast travel around the map in V Rising. Here, you can find the location of every Waygate in the game.

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

Waygates in V Rising are used to quickly transport around the map, allowing you to reach new bosses and materials. Prior to using a Waygate for the first time, you will need to find it. Once found, it will appear on your map as a possible teleporting location.

With a vast map, it can be hard to find every single Waygate. Thankfully, we are here to help. In this guide, we are going to go over every Waygate on the map. First, let's take a look at how to use the gates, as well as what items can be brought through them.

Updated May 11, 2024 by Jacqueline Zalace: Waygates are essentially teleportation portals in V Rising, allowing you to quickly travel around the map. With the launch of the 1.0 update, we have a brand new area, as well as a few new Waygates in existing maps. We've updated this guide to contain every Waygate currently in the game.

Using A Waygate

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

Waygates can only be transported to if you are at another gate. This includes the various gates around the map, as well as a Waygate that you have made yourself. To make a Waygate, you will need the following materials.

  • 100x Blood Essence
  • 20x Gem Dust
  • 12x Stone Brick
  • 4x Grave Dust

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

With these materials, you can place your Waygate within your base. Interacting with the base will bring up a menu, allowing you to teleport to other Waygates on the map. Not all materials can be teleported through; if you are holding a non-teleportable item, the map won't appear when you interact with the gate.

Non-Teleportable Items

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

In general, valuable resources and knowledge books cannot be teleported. Items such as ingots, hides, and tailoring materials will note that they cannot be teleported in their description.

Fortunately, you can still teleport all armor and weapons, as well as potions, coins, and basic resources.

Additionally, research materials can be teleported. This includes paper, scrolls, and schematics. In earlier versions of the game, these items could not be teleported, but you can now farm for these materials quickly by hopping through a Waygate.

We recommend having a chest near your home Waygate, so you can quickly put non-teleportable items inside.

Teleporting With Items

While setting up your server, you can head into the advanced setting to tweak teleportation requirements. In the first tab of this menu, you can un-tick a box that prevents certain items to be teleported. With it un-ticked, you can use Waygates no matter what is in your inventory!

Farbane Woods Waygates

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

The 1.0 update of V Rising has added two new Waygates here; near the Gleaming Meadows and Forgotten Cemetery.

There are two Waygates found in the Farbane Woods. When you first begin the game, you will enter the woods from either the east or west entrance. These are at the bottom of the map, and have a nearby Waygate for you to visit.

The other two Waygates are near locations of early-game bosses. On the left of the map, you can find a Waygate to the Bandit Armory. This is where Greyson the Armorer can be found. The Waygate on the right of the Farbane Woods is near the Bandit Trapper Camp, where you can find Keely the Frost Archer.

Dunley Farmlands Waygates

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

In the Dunley Farmlands, you can also find four Waygates. On the southern portion of the map, there are two gates near the entrance to the Farbane Woods. These gates lie on either side of the Haunted Iron Mine, with the leftmost gate near Mosswick Village.

On the northern portion of the map, you can find Waygates near two strong boss locations. The gate in the northwest is near Raziel the Shepherd, a level 57 boss that can deal Holy damage.

The final Waygate in the area is found near the Bastion of Dunley, where you can find Octavian the Militia Captain. This is also a level 57 boss, making him quite formidable, especially as he is surrounded by other Militia members.

Silverlight Hills Waygate

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

There is only one Waygate to be found in the Silverlight Hills. This gate is in the northern region of the area, and it's directly next to any important areas.

After a short journey to the west though, you can find the Sacred Silver Mine. Inside this treacherous location, you can find Sir Magnus the Overseer, who is a level 66 boss.

Cursed Forest Waygates

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

In the Cursed Forest, you can find two Waygates. The Waygate on the left-hand side of the map is to the entrance of the area, making it also near the northern region of the Dunley Farmlands.

The gate on the right-hand side of the map is to both the Lair of Behemoth, as well as the Spider Cave. In these locations, you can find Gorecrusher The Behemoth and Ungora the Spider Queen, respectively.

Ungora is a level 63 boss, which is quite powerful, but Gorecrusher the Behemoth is an impressive level 83, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Gloomrot Waygates

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

Gloomrot is split in two, denoted as North and South. Both sections of Gloomrot have an entrance Waygate near the bottom of the map.

The entrance gate in Gloomrot South is to the Dunley Farmlands, while the entrance gate in Gloomrot North is to the Silverlight Hills.

The final Waygate in the area is centrally located in the north and lies just below the Trancendum Power Plant. Here, you will find Voltatia the Power Master. This is a level 77 boss guarded by equally powerful enemies that can quickly kill you before you even make it to her.

Ruins Of Mortium Waygates

V Rising: All Waygate Locations

Lastly, we have the Ruins of Mortium. This area was added in the 1.0 launch of V Rising, and contains three Waygates. We've also included the single Waygate found in the Hallowed Mountains here, which is found in the north of this small area.

Coming from the south (Hallowed Mountains), you can find a Waygate slightly north of the entrance; this is to the left of a merchant area. Directly north from this Waygate, you can find a second one near the top passage into the Dunley Farmlands.

The final Waygate here sits slightly northwest of Dracula's Castle. This Waygate is very to the castle, which can be helpful for quick access, but also detrimental if you can't handle the powerful enemies nearby.

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