5 Best Games Like Moviedle

If you’re a movie buff, check out our list of the best games like Moviedle.

Trivia guessing games are becoming more and more popular nowadays, thanks to new guesses coming out almost every day. Moviedle is a game where you guess a movie from a few seconds of footage, and if you like it, here are the 5 best games like Moviedle.

These Are the Best Games Like Moviedle

Likewise TV is a streaming platform that allows you to connect popular live streaming services like Netflix and Hulu tp access all the content in one central hub. They’ve recently launched an arcade section on their website, which hosts a ton of fun mini-games.

Their most popular game, Moviedle, shows you several stills from a movie in the blink of an eye, and you have to guess what it is without pausing the slideshow. It’s quite hard, but should prove entertaining for any movie buff out there. If you’re looking for other games like it, here are some of the best games like Moviedle.

1. FlikTok

5 Best Games Like Moviedle

FlikTok is a movie guessing game, but rather than watching a quick succession of stills from a movie, you are given ample time to study one still from the movie. If nothing is ringing a bell, you can skip a guess to get another image. If you like the idea of Moviedle but find it a bit too difficult, then FlikTok is a great alternative.

Play FlikTok in your browser

2. Posterdle

5 Best Games Like Moviedle

Posterdle is another movie-themed guessing game, but with a twist. This time, we’re taking a closer look at movie posters and not the movies themselves. At the start of a Posterdle round, you have 20 seconds and 6 guesses to correctly guess what movie the poster is for.

The catch? The movie poster starts extremely blurry, but gets clearer as time goes on. The faster you correctly guess the movie, the more points you earn.

Play Posterdle in your browser

3. Framed

5 Best Games Like Moviedle

Framed is a movie guessing game that plays very similar to FlikTok. Every day, a new movie is chosen, and you are shown a still from the movie. If you don’t know it, you can skip ahead to get another still. You have six tries to get the movie right.

Play Framed in your browser

4. Flickle

5 Best Games Like Moviedle

If you’d rather watch movie clips instead of looking at stills, Flickle is the game for you. You are shown a short, six-second clip from a random movie, but it’s played at normal speed. If can’t get the movie from the first clip, you’re given five more if you need them, and you get a higher score the faster you can correctly guess the movie.

Play Flickle in your browser

5. Movie Guess Game

5 Best Games Like Moviedle

Movie Guess Game is suited for those who prefer logical puzzle games. Instead of looking at any kind of images, Movie Guess Game gives you the release date and genre of the movie, and you can only guess one letter at a time. You have six letters to guess, so make them count!

Play Movie Guess Game in your browser

Those are our five favorite games that are like Moviedle. Which ones have you tried? Let us know your favorite Moviedle-like games in the comments below!

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