Fireworks Playground Codes

Check out our guide to find out every code available for free coins when playing Roblox Fireworks Playground

Fireworks Playground is a firework simulation game in Roblox where players earn coins setting off fireworks. In Roblox Fireworks Playground, players can purchase fireworks and lighters, pop the explosives, and enjoy the show! There are so many to collect and use, and each one set off will earn the player coins to spend on bigger and better fireworks and upgrades. The codes below will help you unlock bonus coins. Check out the guide below for Fireworks Playground codes.

Fireworks Playground Guide

Redeem any of the valid codes by first tapping the REDEEM CODES tab on the first menu screen, or when in the Fireworks Shop. From here you can enter the code in the text box and REDEEM to claim your reward.

If your code is not working, double check the spelling to make sure you entered it correctly. If it is still not working, check you have capitalized correctly, and not put in any erroneous punctuation or spaces. Sometimes codes become expired and, although we do try to update our guides regularly, one may pass us by. If this is the case please let us know as soon as possible so we can update other players.

Fireworks Playground Codes

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Here are the current valid Fireworks Playground codes:

  • 320KMEMBERS – rewards player for 100k Coins (New)
  • 35KLIKES – rewards player for 150k Coins (New)
  • 29MVISITS – rewards player for 200k Coins (New)
  • 310KMEMBERS – rewards player for 102,024 Coins
  • 34KLIKES – rewards player for 50,026 Coins
  • 28MVISITS – rewards player for 50,028 Coins
  • 28KLIKES – rewards player for 50,028 Coins
  • 23MVISITS – rewards player 133,033 Coins
  • 290KMEMBERS – rewards player for 50,290 Coins
  • 20MVISITS – rewards player with 200k Coins
  • 26KLIKES – rewards player with 50,026 Coins
  • 270KMEMBERS – rewards player with 50k Coins
  • CAKESARECOOL – rewards player with 25k Coins
  • CRACKERZ – rewards player with 500 coins
  • ILIKECAKE – rewards player with 500 coins
  • RAINBOW – rewards player with 500 coins
  • STARRAGE – rewards player with 500 coins
  • BIGGESTBIRD – rewards player with 1000 coins
  • 250KVISITS – rewards player with 1,500 coins
  • IDONTKNOW – rewards player with 500 coins
  • SEANSMELLS – rewards player with 500 coins
  • CAKE – rewards player with 500 coins
  • SNIBS – rewards player with 500 coins
  • TIKTOK – rewards player with 500 coins
  • BOGOSBINTED – rewards player with 500 coins

Those are all of the codes for Fireworks Playground, available to play on Roblox right now! Next up, why not check out codes for Roblox Superpower Fighting Simulator. Good luck.

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