How to Complete the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife

Become the ultimate rival spy with our BitLife Sterline Spy challenge guide.

There can only be one spy agency, so it’s time to take out the competition in this week’s BitLife challenge, the Sterling Spy challenge. If you need some tips on getting through this challenge, here’s how to complete the Sterling Spy challenge in BitLife.

How to do every Objective in the BitLife Sterling Spy Challenge

You never know what you’re going to get with the weekly BitLife challenges; just last week, we went on a murderous rampage as a crazy old man in the Guilty Grandpa challenge.

This week, we’re sleuthing around and taking out the competition in the Sterling Spy challenge. For this challenge, we need to complete the following the objectives:

  • Be born as a female in New York
  • Become a CEO
  • Start a spy agency in a laundromat
  • Steal $5M+ from a single rival spy agency
  • Commission your spies to assassinate 3+ ex-lovers

Heads up—this challenge requires the Secret Agent expansion pack. The Business job pack is highly recommended but not required. Both are premium in-app purchases for BitLife, so if you’re not willing to shell out real money, don’t bother with this challenge.

How to be Born as a Female in New York

Start a new life in BitLife. If you’re currently playing a life, it’ll be saved for later so you can pick it back up any time.

How to Complete the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife

Set your gender to female, country to United States, and place to New York. Can’t get any simpler than that!

How to Become a CEO

During the early years of your life, make sure to be a good kid! Be nice to your friends and family, and do well in school. You’re going to need good grades to succeed later on in life.

When you’re going through high school, try joining a non-sport club. We’re not sure if this has a direct effect on your ability as a leader, but it seems to help.

Go to university after high school, and make sure to pick a business-oriented major, like finance, marketing, or mathematics.

After you graduate from university, continue your education by going to business school. This ensures that you have the skills to lead a successful business, which is what we need to do to become a CEO.

When you’re ready, open the Occupation menu and select Special Careers. Select Business, which lets you buy a business.

You can either buy an existing business or start your own. We found it easier to start our own, because you can see what businesses are most in demand and potential competition. Choose a business that has high demand and low competition for the best odds.

How to Complete the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife

Once you’ve decided on a business, invest as much as you can spare; the more you money you initially invest, the higher chances of you outright becoming the CEO.

You may want to consider doing this objective later as it’s quite expensive. However, if your business fails, this objective remains completed, so you don’t technically have to remain CEO for the remainder of the life.

Alternatively, you can stay at one company for long enough, and as long as you’ve been consistently performing well, you’ll eventually be offered the position of CEO. This takes quite some time however, and it might take too long for the purpose of this challenge.

How to Start a Spy Agency in a Laundromat

Time to become the ultimate spy! Go into Activities and select Secret Agent. You’ll be prompted to select a front for your agency, so be sure to pick a laundromat. If you don’t see one, you can refresh the list by manually closing BitLife or aging a year.

How to Complete the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife

Note that these properties are usually expensive, so you’ll need to save up a fair amount of money before you can start the spy agency. Expect to pay a lot if the location value is high.

We noticed that the laundromats tend to have really high location value, so they’re always going to be pretty expensive. Once you secure one, whether through hard cash or a mortgage, this objective is completed.

How to Steal $5M+ from a rival Spy Agency

Now that your spy agency is setup, it’s time to infiltrate a rival agency. Go into the Secret Agent menu and select Infiltrate. Choose a rival agency to breach—the higher security agencies are harder to breach, but they have a lot more money.

Once you initiate the hack, you’ll need to complete a firewall mini-game where you connect four colored nodes to each other. The paths to each node cannot intersect in any way, and you only have 15 seconds per firewall, so move fast. There are usually multiple firewalls to break through as well.

How to Complete the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife

Here’s a helpful hint: Every mini-game solution uses every single tile on the board. You will never have any leftover tiles open, so keep that in mind.

Once you’re in, you can steal funds from the agency. You can select any amount, but higher amounts are more easily traced, which can result in the agency stealing back from you.

How to Complete the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife

And that’s how to steal money from a rival agency. Repeat this process until you’ve stolen a total of 5 million, and this objective is complete.

How to Commission your Spies to Assassinate 3+ Ex-Lovers

Throughout your life, make sure to enter relationships with any would-be suitors, as you’ll need at least three ex-lovers by the end of the challenge.

In your Secret Agent menu, select Agent Recruitment. You need a spy to undertake missions, so pick ones that stand out the most to you. Be sure to verify them, otherwise you might hire a double agent that can sabotage you.

Agents have specializations like hacking, combat, or stealth. There’s no surefire way to tell what an agent’s specialization is before you hire them, but you can guess from their identity checks. Having an agent that specializations in combat helps greatly for this objective, but it’s not required.

You can train up an agent’s hacking or combat skills by selecting them from the Agents list. Be sure to train them in combat to increase their lethality during assassination missions.

How to Complete the Sterling Spy Challenge in BitLife

Whenever you feel your agent is ready, select them and choose Assassination. Choose one of your exes and method. The more money you offer, the higher chance of success, so be sure to offer as much as you can.

Once your agents successfully off three of your exes, this objective is complete, and with that, the entire Sterling Spy challenge is done. Congratulations on completing the challenge, and be sure to check out the rest of our BitLife guides for more tips and tricks.

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