Jupiter Florida Codes (April 2024)

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Updated: April 12, 2024

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I was not really ready to let go of summer, so I decided to visit Jupiter, FL, and extend my time soaking up the sun and enjoying the beach for a few more days—unfortunately, in a Roblox game only. Roblox Jupiter, Florida provides just what you need if you’re feeling the post-holiday blues—relaxation, exploration, and cool cars and boats for countless adventures.

As you progress in the game, you can buy a better house, supercars, and luxury vessels. But to afford all that, you will need some Jupiter, Florida Codes. They will give you the necessary cash for everything you want in this small and exciting universe. And if you want more Roblox games with pretty landscapes, try Yellowstone Unleashed because we have some codes for that experience too. 

All Jupiter Florida Codes List

Working Jupiter Florida Codes

  • ThanksForPlaying—Redeem for 20k Cash (New)
  • EasterEgg—Redeem for Cash (New)
  • Packages—Redeem for 20k Cash (New)
  • Forklifts—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • BuyProperty—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • NewMap—Redeem for Cash
  • MapRevampSoon—Redeem for Cash
  • InviteFriends—Redeem for Cash
  • Thankyou—Redeem for Cash
  • Feb—Redeem for Cash
  • NiceDealership—Redeem for 10k Cash
  • NewUi—Redeem for 20K Cash (For group members only)
  • HappyNewYear—Redeem for 75k Cash
  • HaveAnAmazingChristmas—Redeem for 75k Cash
  • RaceMe—Redeem for Cash
  • NewShop—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • NewUpdate—Redeem for 42,5k cash (For group members only)
  • JupiterFlorida—Redeem 75k code (For group members only)

Expired Jupiter Florida Codes

  • CODES—Redeem code for 20k cash
  • RESET—Redeem code for 10k cash
  • SorryForReset—Redeem code for 35k cash
  • SorryForBugs—Redeem code for 20k cash
  • KamPlays—Redeem code for 5k cash

How to redeem codes in Jupiter Florida

Redeeming codes in Jupiter, Florida is a simple procedure. For those who are new to the game, here are the steps to follow for free rewards:

Jupiter Florida Codes (April 2024)

  1. Launch Roblox Jupiter, Florida.
  2. Hit the Twitter button in the upper-right corner.
  3. Copy and paste the code you want to redeem into the Enter Code box.
  4. Click on the green Redeem! button to claim your free rewards.

How can you get more codes in Jupiter Florida?

If you’re on the hunt for more information about Jupiter, Florida, we recommend following the official Palm Beach Studios Discord server for news and events. When it comes to in-game tips, the official YouTube channel (@PalmBeachStudios) can be useful. Also, joining the official Palm Beach Studios Roblox group can provide early access, teasers, and more. In any case, we recommend bookmarking this article (CTRL+D) and coming back from time to time as we collect all the working codes and put them in one place for your convenience.

Why are my Jupiter Florida codes not working?

Codes for Roblox games can be complex, so pay attention when entering them manually. Some codes are case-sensitive and can include unrelated letters and numbers, which easily leads to typos. Because of that, we recommend copying and pasting codes directly into the game from the list above. 

On top of that, there is a chance that you occasionally run into inactive codes even in our Working list since developers often don’t specify the end dates for their codes. If that’s the case, please let us know in the comments section, and we will investigate. 

How to get more free rewards in Jupiter Florida

How can you get more cash in Jupiter, Florida? Get a job! Yes, it’s that simple. Jokes aside, for more money in this Roblox game, you have to click on the briefcase icon and select a job, which will provide you with payments and fill your promotion bar. When the promotion bar is full, you’ll get even more cash every time you click on it.

What is Jupiter Florida?

Jupiter Florida is a unique and relaxing Roblox game in which you can enjoy sunny Florida while exploring beaches, building your dream home, and discovering the wonders of the Sunshine State. You can go on exciting adventures by boat and team up with other players on the server to party or cruise around town in brand-new expensive cars of your dreams—the choice is yours!

Are you a devoted Roblox fan? If so, don’t skip our dedicated Codes section for more valuable gifts in other Roblox experiences!

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