Roblox Asura Codes (April 2024)

Are there any Asura codes? Read this article to find out!

Updated: April 11, 2024

Checked for additional codes!

Hello, hardcore arena fighters. You’re in the right place if you’re a fan of fast-paced 1v1 arcade skirmishes. That’s why we present the Asura game developed by the Asura Association team. Here are all the latest Roblox Asura codes!

Asura is a PVP-focused game where players train to become the strongest. Pick one of the many different martial arts & show off your moves. Note that the game requires your account age to be at least 15 days old, and several Robux must be paid to activate the game.

All Roblox Asura Codes List

Here, you can be informed about all the Codes in Asura

Roblox Asura Codes (April 2024)

Asura Codes (Working)

  • !redeem MikamiMyGloriousKing—Redeem for a free Talent Deck Reroll (New)
  • !redeem WeLoveAsura—Redeem for 1 Clan Rerolls (New)
  • !redeem Sorry4Bugs—Redeem for 2 Clan Rerolls
  • !redeem ResetSkills31—Redeem for a free Skill Reset
  • !redeem ResetStyle31—Redeem for a free Style Reset
  • !redeem ClanRerolls—Redeem for 3 Clan Rerolls
  • !redeem TalentRerolls—Redeem for a free Talent Deck Reroll
  • !redeem springbreak—Redeem for a free Talent Deck Reroll
  • !redeem updatesoon—Redeem for a free Skill Reset
  • !redeem updatesoontrust—Redeem for a free Style Reset
  • !redeem Talents—Redeem for Talent Deck Reroll
  • !redeem HeavensGift—Redeem for Talent Deck Reroll
  • !redeem bdayboys—Redeem for 2500 Candies
  • !redeem 2024—Redeem for 500 Candy Canes
  • !redeem happynewyears—Redeem for 3 Clan Rerolls, a Style Reset and a Skill Reset
  • !redeem 2024theplot—Redeem for free rewards
  • !redeem sorryfortheshutdowns—Redeem for 300 Candy Canes
  • !redeem MerryChristmas—Redeem for 5 Clan Rerolls, 2 Style Resets, 2 Skill Resets
  • !redeem sorryfordelays2—Redeem for free rewards (D+ Rank required)
  • !redeem resetskills4—Redeem for a Reset Skill
  • !redeem resetstyle4—Redeem for a Reset Style
  • !redeem sorryfordelays—Redeem for 2 Clan Rerolls
  • !redeem noobersbirthday—Redeem for a Clan Reroll
  • !redeem resetstyle3—Redeem for a Reset Style
  • !redeem resetskills3—Redeem for Reset

Asura Codes (Expired)

  • There are no inactive codes for Asura.

How to redeem Asura codes

Currently, Asura has no codes, so you cannot redeem them. If codes are added, a way to redeem will also be added. Roblox games typically use codes to give free rewards so that a code system may come to Asura. We will update the Asura Codes list when codes appear in Asura.

How to get more Asura codes

When published, codes in Asura may report several types of errors. The in-game method to getting rewards is completing daily quests—these reset over time and give you a limited amount of time to complete them. The other is to join Discord and watch when the developer announces free rewards.

Why aren’t my Asura codes working?

You cannot use them or get invalid code messages with no way to redeem them. Should codes be added to Asura, they may not work for several reasons. You could be using an expired code, meaning it no longer works. Codes must be entered exactly as they appear, so incorrectly spelled codes, a.k .a. TYPO, will not work. Finally, some codes have special requirements or only work during various events.

Other ways to get Asura codes

While there are no codes for Asura, you can get free rewards in two ways. The in-game method to getting rewards is by completing daily quests. These reset over time and give you a limited time to complete them. The other is to join the Discord channel and watch when the developer announces Codes for free rewards.

What is Asura?

Asura is a PvP Roblox game where you can learn martial arts, train to become stronger, and master your moves to win tournaments. It features a world to explore while you train and customization options to make your personalized fighter. Will you become the last Asura fighter standing?

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