Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders Bending Tier List | Best Nations

Check out the best bending styles in our Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders bending tier list.

Water, earth, fire, air—these are the four elements that govern the universe of Avatar, and they are your main weapons in Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders. If you’re aiming to be the best bender, check out our Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders bending tier list.

Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders Best Bending and Nations Tier List

Here’s a quick tier list of all bending styles in Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders. Similar to character families, your character is automatically assigned a bending style once you start playing. You can reroll your bending style by using spins, which can be gained from prize codes.

Please keep in mind that every bending style is viable, so don’t worry if you rolled a certain element. Some bending styles may have to work harder than others, but at the end of the day, they can all get good results.

Tier Element/Bending
S Air
A Fire
B Earth
C Water

Air Bending

Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders Bending Tier List | Best Nations

Let’s start with air bending, the bending style that is arguably the most popular one right now. Air bending is very strong right now thanks to its incredibly versatile move set; you’ve got quick combos, knockdowns, block breaks, and of course the best mobility option in the game right now, the Air Scooter.

Since gliders aren’t usable in combat, the Air Scooter lets you get around much faster than any other mobility option. This is useful in case you’re ambushed, or if you just need to move out of harm’s way. In PvP, players that aren’t used to Air Scooter may have trouble landing hits.

Fire Bending

Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders Bending Tier List | Best Nations

Fire bending is a close runner up for the best bending style in the game right now, right behind air bending. It does a lot of damage and can attack very fast with Fire Comet, Jab, and so forth, and you’ve even got a decent mobility move with Fire Jet.

Fire benders also have access to lightning bending, which deals a lot of damage but requires some finesse to use. Fire bending overall is also very susceptible to chi blocking, so you have to watch out for that.

Earth Bending

Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders Bending Tier List | Best Nations

Earth bending is a defense-focused bending style that allows benders to create pillars of Earth to block attacks. Earth bending is very good for defensive purposes, but it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of offense, which is why it’s lower on the tier list.

That being said, earth benders do get access to lava bending, the earth sub-bending style. Lava Line lets you create a line of hot lava that can force enemies to play around it.

Lava Line can deal a lot of damage, but it requires a lot of work, as you’ll need to combine it with your regular earth bending to get the most out of it.

Water Bending

While water bending can work, it’s the least popular bending style due to the low overall damage and lack of versatility in the move set. Water benders have to work very hard to get the same results that other benders can get with only a few moves.

However, water benders do have access to blood bending, which is one of the strongest sub-bending styles right now. Blood bending focuses on stunning and rendering enemies immobile, which opens them up to further damage.

So, water bending is in an interesting spot right now; regular water bending moves aren’t that great, but blood bending moves are extremely powerful. If you’re stuck with water bending, we recommend learning blood bending moves whenever you can.

That concludes our tier list for the bending styles in Roblox Avatar Rogue Benders. What do you think of the list? Which bending style is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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