Roblox Ultra Unfair Codes

In this guide, you can find all active redeem codes for Roblox Ultra Unfair and the steps on how to redeem them.

We added the most recent codes!

In Roblox, Ultra Unfair is a challenging game where you duel with impossible enemies. And with the help of codes, you can get a ton of Cash and other in-game items for free, which you can use to progress your in-game character and the overall game.

You can find the most updated list of Ultra Unfair codes below. If you find that any of the codes is not working, please notify us, and we will update the list as soon as possible.

Active Ultra Unfair codes

Roblox Ultra Unfair Codes

Here is every working code for Ultra Unfair. We recommend that you redeem the codes at your earliest convenience, as they are subject to expire without any notice.

Note: With the latest update, ten new working codes have been added to the list.

  • !1MILLIONVISITS: 30 minutes of Ultra Luck (New)
  • !MOREAURAS: 100k Cash (New)
  • !3750likes: 15 minutes of Ultra Luck (New)
  • !UPDATEWOOOO: 50k Cash
  • !900KVISITS: 100k Cash
  • !3500likes: 15 minutes of Ultra Luck
  • !HAPPYEASTER: 20 minutes of Ultra Luck
  • FREECASH!: 100k Cash
  • 3000LIKES!: 15 minutes Ultra Luck
  • !600KVISITS: 50k Cash
  • !2500LIKES: 15 minutes Ultra Luck
  • !UPDATETHREE: 15 minutes Ultra Luck
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR: 20 mins of Ultra Luck
  • !MERRYCHRISTMAS: Cash and Boosts
  • !UPDATETWO – Cash and Boosts
  • !UPDATEONE: 75k Cash and Boosts
  • !RELEASE: 25k Cash
  • !LAGFIXES: 75k Cash
  • WEEKEND: Fast Roll Time 
  • PitySystem: 10 minutes Fast Roll
  • !update4: Cash and Boosts
  • !update2: Cash and Boosts
  • !awesome10klikes: Cash and Boosts
  • !7500likesyay: Cash and Boosts
  • !6000likes!: Cash and Boosts
  • !10KMEMBERS: Cash
  • !5KLIKES: Cash
  • !a mongoose: Cash (Must be at least level 4.5)
  • 100K: 1 million Cash
  • !Group: 500,000 Cash (Must be level 3 and must be in a group)

We will add new Ultra Unfair codes when they are made available.

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Expired Ultra Unfair codes

Here are the Ultra Unfair codes that have expired; you cannot claim them anymore. 

  • Ultra Unfair has no expired codes at the moment.

If any of the codes in the working list are expired, let us know, and we will add them to the Expired codes list.

How to redeem codes in Ultra Unfair

Here is how you can redeem codes in Ultra Unfair:

  • Open Ultra Unfair;
  • Open the Chat Window;
  • Enter the above codes;
  • Confirm to claim free rewards.

That is it. You can use the above working codes to get freebies in Ultra Unfair. If we missed any active codes, you can share it in the comments, and we will add it to the list.

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